Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blasting through a card show recap

I made 3 purchases at the card show today. One was 193 cards for $45 from my usual dude, Bill. Another one was 13 cards for $20. And the last one was 20 cards for $1.

It's gonna take me a while to sort out the 193 lot, so today let's look at the other 2 buys. We can say all these cards pictured below combined ran me about the cost of a blaster plus tax (though, full discloser, Oregon doesn't have sales tax).

No two hotter names in the game today than A-Rod and Kris Bryant. Ok, maybe A-Rod not so much, but still, he's still out there getting it done and about to begin a 2-year farewell tour. So a bat relic #'d /299 for cheap sounded good to me. And happy to pick up my first Bryant relic, even if it's a boring unnumbered plain white swatch.

That Alex Cobb auto was cheap and looked good. Hopefully he comes back strong from Tommy John eventually. And Jedd Gyorko is a dude I collect, so that Finest relic/auto is a nice addition to the PC.

You guys know I'm a nut for biblical names, right? Nah, I'm kidding. I need the E's for my goal of spelling out BasEball Card BrEakdown. And I got the V because Gavin Floyd is a guy I collect.

Spoiler alert, these 4 cards won't stay with me for long. Cubs, Pirates, and Braves are always in high demand in my tradebox, so cheap hits from those teams are hard to pass up.

And here are the cards from the nickelbox dig. Mostly Bowman cards of guys I like and/or collect.

So again, not a bad haul for roughly the price of a blaster. I'll be back with the rest of the day's deals in a future post. Thanks for swinging by!


  1. Great pickups Gavin. Man I wished I had a card show to find stuff at I would be adding to my Griffey and Hampton pc's more often lol

  2. When I first jumped back into the hobby... those autographed Letterman cards were ridiculously priced. Glad to see they've come back down to Earth. I'm down to needing only a few letters myself. Maybe nows the time to shop for them.