Monday, November 13, 2017

card show haul pt 3

Powering through my card show pickups from this past weekend. This'll do it for the keepers, then I'll likely have a trade bait post up tomorrow.

Nice selection of 2017 Triple Threads parallels.

And here we've got some 2017 Gold Label parallels.

Jumped on the bandwagon with a bunch of current Astros.

Some love for the Dodgers, too, with Clayton Kershaw and Gavin Lux.

"Arenado Machado" is fun to say. "Arenado Machado."

2017 Museum Collection. I grabbed several of those fake sketchcard things, but then shed them from my stack when I was getting ready to check out.. Or at least I thought I did. Somehow Rizzo and Hank slipped by and made it home with me. Checking the prices COMC now, I'm kicking myself for putting back the likes of Trout, Bryant, and Harper. Oh well, I don't really like the looks of them anyways. If it's a real sketchcard, that's one thing. I was never a big fan of old Diamond Kings either.

And here's the last of it. Griffey /999. I'm a little bummed that the Topps Update Chrome cards aren't sparkly this year like they were in 2015 and 2016. A pair of Benintendi cards rounds out the haul.

Thanks for checking it out. I'll get some trade bait up soon.


  1. "Arenado Machado" is fun to say. Nice cards here, I especially like the last group. You don't often see Schwarber catching on cards (or in real life) and the TSC 'tendi RC is a killer card. That catch was sick!

  2. Cool pickups! The Gold Label from this year is a big improvement from last year.

  3. Gold label looks amazing. I have missed out on that product last 2 years.

    Of course nice Jr :)

    1. I totally agree with Sport Card Collectors. Gonna need to grab some singles for Gold Label... especially that Altuve and Ichiro.

  4. My favorites are the Bowman Platinum additions, especially the Bregman. Beautiful card!
    Also, I really am glad Bo keeps getting some love in today's cardboard world.

  5. I spy a nice At the Wall shot on that Gold Label Ichiro. Here's hoping I can find some of those in the dime boxes at the show I have coming up, because the ones I've seen on the blogs look terrific.

  6. It is always nice when you can load up on high end base. Like many above, I'm a huge fan of Gold Label this year. I've been trying to add some Pirate rookies from the set.

  7. Look at those sweet, sweet Stros! They are what I miss about Texas!