Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dwight Evans PC

I rarely have the foresight to plan posts in advance, such as doing a PC post for a guy on his birthday. Today is no exception, but hey, yesterday was Dwight Evans' 66th. He's objectively HOF-worthy, but is kinda under the radar these days. He's a guy I really like collecting, but don't have that many of his cards. So maybe this post will inspire readers to fill some holes for me.

Last weekend, I splurged on a couple nice 2003 Retired autos, both the base, then the refractor, and received them in consecutive maildays this week. Great looking cards!

Here're my Dewey cards from the 70s. The rookie card has some kid's name written on the back, but still nice to have a copy in the PC (also have another one in my '73 set). I'm missing '75 and '79 Topps.

Topps cards from the 80s and up. Lots of cards I'm missing here.

Donruss and Leaf.

Fleer and Score.


An Upper Deck and some oddballs.

Here's a good one to end on, a 2004 Team Topps Legends auto I picked up a few years back.

I'd definitely be happy to receive any Dwight Evans cards not pictured here in trade. Thanks!


  1. Hey Gavin, I may not have anything to contribute to a post like this, but I want to let you know that I always enjoy reading them. Now if you went NBA I could send you some stuff...

  2. I always liked Dewey. I've got a lot for you. If I end up sending some 1980 topps your way, I'll throw some in.

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  4. Dewey! Dewey! Dewey!!!!! He's always been my favorite and nearly lost it when he went to Baltimore. Now that I'm back in the hobby he's one of my few PC's.

  5. Sweet collection. I love the autographs.

    One of the Topps photographs from the 70's must have lived in Oakland, because I'm starting to notice a lot of their cards were photographed at the Oakland Coliseum (Dewey's 1974 & 1976). Plus Dewey must have really enjoyed the posed batting shot. He posed for his card five out of his first six years.

  6. I always liked Dewey too! Great cards!

  7. I should have some Deweys left over from my PC too. I was hoping the first two autos you show were dupes.