Monday, November 27, 2017

Various vintage variations? Yaz, please.

I was sorting my Yaz PC yesterday, pulling out dupes, and was just about to take out one of these 1969 deckle edge inserts when I noticed one didn't have the facsimile signature. Ooh.. Not a dupe! On closer inspection, the signature is there, just grey and very faint. I was a little perplexed by this and turned to COMC to see if they had variations of this one on there. Looks like the OPC versions have a grey signature instead of blue, but it's not this faint. Plus, the OPC deckles have blank backs, whereas these two...

...both have the standard Topps back. Is this is a "real" variation? Probably just a printing flaw, like the cyan coloring didn't make it onto this particular pressing. Regardless, I'll consider them different in my PC. If Mark Hoyle or anybody else has any info to share on these, please let me know.

As long as I'm turning this discovery into a blog post, I figured I'd add a couple other vintage variations I've stumbled upon recently. And hey, coincidentally, Yaz's Sox are also involved with these other two.

These 1973 Topps team checklists are the same on the front, but feature a minor difference on the back:

The left card has one asterisk at the bottom, while the right card has two. These are a known variation, but they somehow slipped by me when I was compiling my 1973 Topps checklist. I tried to be really "master set" thorough with it, getting all the known variations. So, damn it, I may have to reopen my "completed" 1973 Topps setbuild to hunt down the asterisk variations I'm missing. It won't be a high priority, but just something to try to eventually take care of. Anybody know if all teams have this variation, or just some of them?

I should hopefully be posting a "Joy of a Completed Set" post for 1965 Topps shortly after my latest COMC order arrives. There are only a couple '65 variations that I'm aware of, both checklists, the "Cannizzaro/C.Cannizzaro" variation, and one which has slightly bolder text than its counterpart. But I think I found another "bold text" variation. Take a look and see if you agree:

Seems to me like the one on the bottom has bolder text. I think it's most obvious at "182":

There's some white space between the "2" and the blue border on one, while the other "2" actually crosses the plane into the blue. Not a big deal or anything, just something card collectors like us might find interesting. I'll include it in my set as like an unofficial variation / notable printing variance since I already have it, but I probably wouldn't bother tracking it down if I didn't.

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  1. I think the Yaz Deckle may just be a printing error. But cool none the less.

  2. Nice "errors" The Yaz is a nice one. As Mark said probably just a printing error but an interesting variation.

    If the '65 variant was not as subtle I'd probably look for it or others like it, but I'm not going to bother with that variant. To me it doesn't look much different. Maybe it was "double" printed sort of like back then with typewriters to make something bold you had to go back and re-type it.

    As for the '73 Team Checklist and the "stars". I have heard about the secret meaning of those things for years. It was used a lot for non-sport cards. I haven't looked for it for baseball or other sports. At one point someone said it was to indicate the print run of a set. One star/asterisk print run one, two stars print run 2. But I think the more official meaning was a printing code to indicate which sheet a card was a part of. A or B side. This forum talking star wars cards seems to have the best discussion/explination I saw:

  3. Could also be possible that a print run for cards that were issued in packs for the "All In One Series" released in some markets around the country. It was a test run to phase out new series releases and setting the ground work for the 1974 single series issue!!????

  4. i miss a lot of variations, on older cards in particular. Good eye(s)!