Sunday, November 12, 2017

Slowly peeling price tags off penny sleeves and top-loaders

Time for more from my card show haul.

These are my first cards of 2005 Leaf Sportscasters, a weird insert set which a bunch of differently numbered parallels based on the combination of color and pictures in the corner. I left the tags on these in case you were curious about the serial numbering on the backs.

Here's Reggie again, on a 2009 Topps Update legends variation, paired with another old-timer on a modern design.

Some #'d Donruss parallels.

These Artist Proofs were a good score for me, each /10.

A nice selection of Trea Turner cards.

A young Gwynn and a couple Padres prospects.

Carlos Delgado xfractor in a scratched up case and a gold Christian Yelich 1st Bowman Card.

Some Francisco Lindor parallels.

Let's wrap up the post with some memorabilia cards, including jersey swatches of a couple 2017 Gold Glove winners and the only basketball card I bought at the show. Glad to add a piece of game-used basketball to my "ridic relics" minicollection.

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That 2009 Topps Update legends variation is awesome!

  2. Seems like those legend SPs are becoming harder and harder to come by as the years go on. I almost never see them at shows -- though, as always, I'll be keeping an eye out at the one I have coming up in less than a week. (I'll also be spending a good amount of time peeling off sleeves and toploaders in the aftermath as well, usually around 15-30 minutes depending on the haul.)

  3. 3M/painters tape needs to make little circles/price tags. Think how much easier they would be to remove!

  4. I seldom use the sleeves or top loaders, so rather than peel any stickers off I give those to my vendor bud Bob.