Sunday, April 12, 2020

A visit from the Easter Roddy

Padrographs Rod dropped a couple boxes of cards on my doorstep the other morning, and in the absence of an Easter basket this year (yes, my mother-in-law still does the Easter basket thing for her grown kids), I saved checking them out until this Easter morning. Let's take a look at some highlights.

Some of these I claimed from Free Stuff Days giveaways Rod has been cranking out on his blog. And some of them are cards that were offered up but went unclaimed. I'm very happy to have any such leftovers dumped on me, with plenty of them finding a home in my collection.

This Juan Soto parallel might be my favorite card of the lot (though the "March 26, 2020" Opening Day date listed can't help but make you sad). He's a fun kid to watch and among my top favorite current guys to collect.

More hot young talent in the game itching to get back on the field and show what they got.

Here's my first in-hand look at 2020 Donruss. Don't hate it, but doubt I'll search out more.

Some more shiny and/or Chrome stuff.

Nice group of beautiful women for that minicollection of mine.

More non-baseball stuff. Anybody need a DMC? That NCIS relic probably should have been included in the previous photo (never watched the show, but dig the cute goth look she's got going on). I've never messed with Pokemon, but hey, I'll hang onto that Dark Vileplume in the interest of "diversifying" my card collection a bit.

Some more baseball keepers for me.

A few older guys I PC.

Yep, plenty of cards found their way onto my Keepers stack.

Thanks a bunch, Rod! I'm very lucky to have local trading buddies like you and Kerry. Hopefully the USPS doesn't get killed off by this wretched administration (the concern is growing!) because that would really be a kick in the crotch for the hobby (I complain about the post office as much as the next guy, but if it went away, that would reeeeally suck!), but at least if that does happen, well, there will still be the possibility for local handoffs.

Oh, and I take back what I said at the top of this post.. turns out we did get an Easter basket this year.

My mother-in-law is a great lady. Some tasty stuff here.

Happy Easter and thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh, lots of great pickups thanks to Rod's generosity...congrats! And ya gotta love mothers-in-law who are so kind and thoughtful. Happy Easter!

  2. 70's oddballs will always be ruled by Kellogg's and Hostess... and rightfully so. But the 1979 Topps Comics are flippin' awesome. Very, very, very underrated in my book.

    Rod sure hooked you up with a very cool Easter package. Looks like you mother-in-law did too. I love Harry & David. Their pears are amazing... and I don't even normally like pears.

  3. Good to know that the Easter Roddy is indeed real!

  4. I got your customs and they are great, future post. I've got some cards for you next time I hit the post office.

  5. Amen, please don't shut down the post office!

    Nice babes & Soto. That's the first I've seen the new Donruss. Mmm, no thanks.

  6. Rod always does folks right. Great cards. You can never go wrong with Divas. Just saying. Nice Boggs and non-sports especially the NCIS relic. She is a good looking goth and good show. Good post.