Saturday, April 4, 2020

cardboard concentration

I don't get bored very often. Despite being home most of the time for the past couple weeks, still feels like I have dozens of little projects I want to get to one of these days. If I ever get to the point where I run out of things to do, then I might start getting worried-- but I doubt I'll ever get to that point. Always more cards to sort.. customs to make.. trade packages to put together.. and that's just talking about card stuff! Other around-the-house stuff to do too.

And I'd love to post more, both here and at my MusiCards blog. How is it I seem to have more free time to post while at work than when I'm working from home?! LOL, don't make no sense.

I'm also behind in reading the card blogs. I still haven't gotten to the wave of '88 Score Phil Niekro posts.. but almost there. Should be fun reading through all those.

But anyways, I received cards from a couple folks this week, so that's good motivation to squeeze out a quick post.

Johnny Miller has been doing some fun giveaway games lately. I got in on one of them and ended up with this well-loved vintage Mickey Mantle checklist from 1967. This'll be a sweet addition to my Mantle PC.

John also included this 1980 Kellogg's Bruce Bochte. Another project on my long to-do list is to sort all my Kellogg's cards and finally put up wantlists for them. The long-term goal is to complete every Kellogg's set from 1970-1983, but I'm sure that'll be tough and take several years. Hey, no rush. Not sure where I'm at now, but doubt I'm anywhere near even halfway with any of these sets.

Thanks a lot, John! Your generosity is appreciated! I've got some cards set aside for you I'll try to drop in the mail one of these days.

-  - ----o

The other cardsphere mailing I received this week is from Nate at The Bucs Stop Here. He put together a great package of cards for me with guys I collect.

Impressive Kris Bryant lot right here. The holiday card is one of the metallic snowflake parallels.

Kris' teammate Javier Baez was along for the ride as well.

Young Dodger studs represented here with Cody Bellinger and Gavin Lux.

Woo! A pair of Vlad Jr RCs. You know I'm a sucker for hyped-up rookies. I was really looking forward to seeing how his 2020 season shaped up.. but it'll have to wait.

More good stuff. Vogelmonster gold #'d 0057/2020. Early Didi. Tim Duncan refractor. Bol Bol RC.
Not sure if you saw my tweet from a few days ago, but I recently sorted my little basketball card collection. Tim Duncan was the largest PC by a comfortable margin, which I guess isn't a big surprise. I've gotten a lot of help from friendly traders.

Let's end on a hit. Nate hooked me up with this Joe Musgrove RC auto. I already had the base auto, but this badboy is the refractor parallel, #'d /499. Musgrove is from my hometown, so there's a little personal connection for me there.

Thank you for the excellent trade, Nate! I'm sorry my Pirates selection is a little thin at the moment. I'll keep an eye out for more Buccos and hope to balance the scales next time we swap cards.

My wife and I made up a "seclusion safari" game where we earn points by spotting cute animals from our windows. She's been kicking my ass so far. But it's just something fun to do while stuck at home. Always brightens our day when the backyard is visited by a local bunny. Funny how much entertainment value we get from watching the adorable little guy nibble on the lawn.

Guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


  1. I came here for Vogelmonster content and came away a happy man. Nice gold parallel!
    Seclusion safari? Sounds like a fun game!

  2. I think I'm the minority in that I've always loved getting checklist cards.

    BTW, there are 2 versions of the 1967 3rd series checklist ( the one with Willie Mays' head).

    See #138 Dick Kelley on your card? One 3rd series checklist has #214 also as Dick Kelley. The correct version shows #214 to be Tom Kelley.

  3. Sounds like a fun game. What other animals have you guys seen in your yard? We don't get a lot of bunnies hopping into our yards here, but my dad does. They're all over the place in Vegas.

    1. Mostly squirrels. And we score a point for any cute dog being walked in front of our house, though the other person must be present to confirm that it is in fact cute enough.

  4. I would have to play that game with groundhogs. Never see bunnies. those are much cuter

  5. You might be on to something with the whole not posting as much when working from home thing, it would certainly explain why I can't ever seem to blog as much as I'd like to.

  6. I have constant squirrels and chipmunks, neither of which I find cute because of all the damage they seem to do. Constant digging in my yard. We also have a lot of crows for some reason. Not exactly cute.