Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Surprised by cards that were sort of expected

Time for an incoming cards roundup for the past week or so.

Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary was already on my I-O-U-cards list after he sent me an awesome 12/25 prospect auto a while back. Now he's gone and surprised me with an awesome "repack" of cards as part of the celebration for his blog's 1000th post. (I suppose it wasn't exactly a "surprise" since I was first to comment on the post offering cards to the first few people who commented.. but that was back in early March, so who could be expected to remember way back then? lol)

Love this crazy As-seen-on-TV Tatis!

Juan Soto cards are always very appreciated.

Some more active guys I collect. Good stuff.

Hey, Matt Chapman is celebrating his 27th birthday today. A bit of a late bloomer, but he's been pretty good since his 2017 call-up.

Snellzilla in the house. I started collecting him after his dominant 2018 season. Also seems like fun dude.. I see him doing video game stuff online.

Former teammates Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts were well represented in the package.

Kris Bryant and Pete Alonso. Noice.

A glorious baker's dozen of Trout! Honestly, these cards alone would have been a fine "thanks for reading my blog" gift/prize. The guy's like the greatest player since Ruth, damn it! One of the worst things about the virus is it's slowing Trout from moving up the all-time WAR leaderboard.

I seem to get sent a lot of Rhys Hoskins cards and I am totally cool with that.

That Wil Myers is the glued-on-glitter snowflake parallel. Michael Lorenzen worked his way up my wantlist impressing me with his 2-way playing. Speaking of Ruth:
On September 4, 2019, Lorenzen became the second player in baseball history to hit a homer, earn the win as the pitcher and play in the field in the same game when the Reds defeated the Phillies, 8–5. The other player to achieve the feat was Babe Ruth on June 13, 1921. (wiki)

A year or two ago I had an epiphany that I love Dave Henderson and I was upset with myself for not collecting him sooner (had a little PC for him when I was a kid, but took me a while to start it back up as an adult returning to the hobby). So yes, please send me all your available Hendu cards, regardless of how "junky" they may be, because they'll likely find a loving forever-home with me. (Ha, we're looking for a new dog these days, so the term "forever-home" pops up a lot.)

Some favorite old-timers of mine.

A pair of big boppers, Vlad and Crash.

And Brian even hit some setbuilds of mine with a smattering of '88 Fleer needs, including an unopened pack. I'll probably save the pack for a rainy day, but chances are it's got a card or two I need as I round the home stretch with this set. Oh-- the Joe Magrane caught the light as I was checking it off my list and turns out is a glossy version. Welp, close enough for my set!

Big thanks, Brian! Terrific stuff! Keep up the great work on your blog. I'll shot you over a few cards soon.

-  - - ----o

Next up is a great surprise* PWE from Sport Card Collectors at Snagging Cardboard with nice looking cards of a few dudes I collect. (* Again, probably shouldn't have been a surprise, as he had tweeted out a heads-up a few days earlier.)

Right on. The fiery orange Hoffman is numbered 12/299.

Thanks, Man! I'll put together a return PWE for you shortly (update: mailed out today).

-   -  - ----o

Tom at The Angels In Order had a bonus Kellogg's card he got from a recent cardsphere giveaway and offered it up if anyone wanted to call dibs. I did, and we had a quick PWE trade in the works.

I'm not sure if I had this yet or not-- I've only now begun sorting my several Kellogg's cards by year; expect wantlists up soon!-- but even if I did have it, well hey I've got a modest Freddy Lynn PC going, so I guess technically I want two of them in my collection anyways.

Tom also threw in a bunch of '79 needs to surprise me with! I recall he mentioned in an email that he had some set needs for me too, but sometimes it's not till you open up the envelope that you're like, "..oh yeah!"

I'm now down to just 27 needs left to finish off 1979 Topps (plus several more upgrades to worry about after that.. and a few wanted dupes for PCs.. but not too concerned about that stuff right now).

My '79 Topps needs as of 4/28/2020:
 5 Ron Guidry / Gaylord Perry LL W
 6 J.R. Richard / Nolan Ryan LL SO
39 Dale Murphy
49 Vern Ruhle
115 Nolan Ryan
187 Mark Lemongello
244 Pittsburgh Pirates - Chuck Tanner TC
313 Dyar Miller
316 Milt May
340 Jim Palmer
349 Jim Wright RC
353 Checklist 243-363
369A Bump Willis ERR TOR
391 Al Oliver
412 Hank Aaron / Hack Wilson ATL RBI
414 Ty Cobb / Rogers Hornsby ATL BA
415 Lou Brock ATL SB
457 Bruce Sutter
464 Joe Nolan
481 Skip Lockwood
540 Greg Luzinski
551 Chicago Cubs - Herman Franks TC
602 Checklist 485-605
610 Mike Schmidt
648 Lou Piniella
659 Seattle Mariners - Darrell Johnson TC
700 Reggie Jackson

If you can help with any of those, feel free to get in touch about hammering out a trade! Would love to knock this one off before I dive into the old Kellogg's sets.

Anyways, thanks a bunch, Tom! I dropped a return in the mail for you the other day, so expect that soon.

End of post.


  1. Nice cards! I've enjoyed the "As Seen On TV" cards. They look great.

  2. That was a fun thing to put together, I appreciate the variety of players you have as PCs it made it easier to add up to what I was going for there!

    The comment about Trout on the WAR leaderboard makes me think about all the guys that would be retiring or thinking about it at the end of this year.

  3. A lot of nice cards, but only one can get my vote:

    Sliding Mike Trout.

  4. I had no clue it was Chapman's birthday. Love watching him play third base. His highlight reel is up there with some of the best. Hopefully the A's will be able to hold onto him for the long run.