Sunday, April 5, 2020

Topps Retired Triad - The Wizard Rises

Topps Retired Triad is a new feature here where I show off 3 cards from my Topps Retired collection. Today's selections are all 2005 refractor autos.

Check out this Ozzie Smith refractor auto! I love this card, especially considering I'm a Padres fan. Just beautiful!

Sure would have been cool if San Diego had been able to keep him for more of his career.

Charlie Hough is tough enough!

That's a long career! Not quite Phil Niekro, number-wise, but still an impressive run for the fellow knuckleballer.

Denny McLain closes us out for today. Looks great!

Not a long career-- especially following Old Man Hough-- but a few nice seasons, including an extraordinary 1968.

Bunny update: It was a nice day and I spotted this cutie sunbathing for a moment before munching down on some grass.


  1. Nice. Hope you scored some mega points for that bunny. And that Ozzie is awesome. I was just telling my buddy that I need to pick up a Ozzie pack pullled autograph where he's featured with the Padres.

  2. Aw look at the bunny just casually soaking in some sun.

  3. This was definitely a good day for sunbathing! Man, that Ozzie card is awesome.

  4. I find it fascinating that the Marlins banked their franchise on 23 year veteran Charlie Hough to kick start their organization.

  5. You are much more accepting of sharing your car with wild life than I am!

    Love these retired autos. So cool.

    1. Ha, what? I don't share my car with them. (Though picturing a rabbit trying to drive is a silly image. Perhaps a couple squirrels working the gas and brake pedals.) But yeah, as long as the squirrels stay out of my attic, I've got a working alliance with the furry creatures of the neighborhood.

  6. That Ozzie is fantastic. That bunny looks way too comfy.