Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas in February: From Benchwarmers to Olympians

On the 25th of every month, I like to keep the Spirit of the Holiday Season burning bright year-round by showcasing cards in my collection that are serial numbered 12/25, affectionately referred to as "Christmas Cards".

With the Winter Olympics here.. (or recently concluding, at least.. honestly, I didn't catch any of it), I thought I'd feature a well-known Olympian from years past.

This was part of a Christmas Card purchasing binge I went on a while ago. I already had 2 or 3 "girlie card" Christmas Cards, but those were of women you might not bring home to mother (no offense to attractive ladies out there who make their living by being attractive ladies.) So, while I won't apologize for liking pretty girls, the feminist-sympathizer in me made me want to get a card featuring a female known for more than erotic modeling.

Nancy Kerrigan was just the ticket! Courageously overcoming a bizarre attack by a rival skater's camp, she won America's heart back those few Olympicses ago.

And now I've got her autograph!

While I try to focus on baseball, I often can't help straying into other collecting areas from time to time. I suppose I just enjoy having a diverse collection, much like I have an eclectic mix of music on my iPod (13,332 songs and counting!). While I wouldn't go as far as to say I've got "a little bit of everything", I've got a wide range of cards, at least.

Since picking up the Kerrigan, I've also gotten cards of another Olympian, Carly Patterson, a lovely gymnast with whom I was briefly smitten, including a glorious card I posted about a couple weeks ago.

And another exciting recent acquisition to be featured here shortly beautifully rounds out my Girlie Card Females on Trading Cards collection. So look forward to that! But beyond that, I've got my focus back on baseball.


  1. Great card. Be glad you missed the last night's Nancy and Tonya documentary. Ung I can't believe my wife made me watch it. It was pretty terrible, but I guess NBC need filler.

    1. Ha, sorry I missed it. I hope they hugged and made up at the end.