Saturday, April 19, 2014

2014 Gypsy Queen trade bait revisited

I posted about my GQ haul moments after the group break a few days ago. Now that I've got the cards in-hand, let's take a better look at them. (Thanks again to Judson for his top-notch group breakin' skills.)

As I mentioned last time, I bought-in with the Dodgers and Yankees, and randomly got paired up with the Mets and Diamondbacks. I was hoping to pull a Koufax penny or Jeter button or something cool like that, but no such luck. I didn't get any MEGAHIT$, but it also wasn't a total bust for me either. The Dbacks-- the team I had the least hopes for-- turned out to be my best performer in the break, hit-wise.

I'll post my "keepers" soon, but the cards in this post are all up for trades. I might put the couple autos and low #'d cards on eBay to try to make back a little of my money if I don't get any compelling offers for them soon, but other than that, these will definitely not take much to be yours.

So take a look at these cards and let me know if you want any of them. I don't want them! Do you? Take them! Throw me a couple cards that fit into my wantlist and I'll be happy. Team collectors of Yanks, Dodgers, Mets, and Dbacks.. I'm looking at you. Please! Save me from these Gypsy Queens! Lots of dupes.

DODGERS: is #'d 14/49


Blue Whitey #'d 398/499. Sepia Ellsbury mini #'d 13/50. Zappy called dibs on the Phelps auto last time.. deal pending.



Wood Mark Trumbo mini #'d 3/5!

OK, that's it.
Most of these base cards I've got 2-4 copies of, FYI. So just because somebody "called dibs" on a card in the comments, I may still have another one available.

So let's trade!


  1. I'm putting in for a few Dodgers:
    Dealing Aces: Kershaw and Ryu
    Glove Stories: Puig and Crawford
    Base: A-Gon
    Sepia cards: Kershaw and Yogi Berra <-of course Yankee
    Checking your want list. Email to follow. Thanks!

  2. I know I called dibs on the Phelps auto but after giving it some though I'd like to retract it.
    Instead I'd love to trade for the Kuroda and Murphy base.

    Not sure if I have anything on your want list(s) but I do have some Japanese Padres left.

  3. Too many friggin' Dodgers fans out there! (Oh wait, that's me too...) Good luck gettin' rid of those D-Backs...