Monday, April 28, 2014

Parallel Universe: Gavin Floyd's feminine side

A recent trade with the awesome Tony L. netted me a loaded PWE with some great additions to my collection, including Gavin Floyd's infamous "lipstick" card from 2013 Heritage.

So what's the deal here? Had he just finished eating a cherry popsicle moments before this photo was taken? Did somebody at Topps make an interesting choice during the "retro filter" coloring process? Or does Floyd simply enjoy making himself pretty by applying tasteful lipstick from time to time? Hey, it's a free country!

Let's enter the Parallel Universe to look at some of the lesser-known variations of this card.

Here's the most common one:

The "upside-down frown" variation is more scare (#'d /199):

But the real hit is this one (#'d /50):

However, the ultimate superdragfractor 1/1 is this beauty:

Ain't she just the belle of the ball? Base-ball, that is! It's a heck of a game.

We'll see you next time.. here in.. the Parallel Universe!

p.s. Obligatory Twitter contest plug


  1. In his "most common" variation, he looks a bit like Adam Ant.

  2. I can't wait to read the comment when Gavin Floyd stumbles across this post...!

  3. This post wins today. It might win this whole week.

  4. I always wondered whether Floyd was considering suing over his 2013 Heritage card. Now I'm wondering if he's considering suing over this post.

  5. Upon further review, it appears that my second favorite player, A.J. Ellis, went to the beauty parlor with Floyd before their Heritage shoots.