Friday, April 11, 2014

Baseball Card Dance Party!

It's friday!

I had so much fun making (and watching) that "drunk card" recently that I decided to create a new feature here on the blog which is just pictures of baseball cards "dancing". Silly and random. Crank up the tunes and dance along!

Aw, yeah!!

Work it! Work it!

Here's the best one-- Ken "Dancing Machine" Macha!
Get busy!; it's your birthday!

All of these cards were plucked out of my "trade" box, so if anything sparks your interest in getting a little trade going, let me know. (* cards do not dance in person. Not as much, at least.)

Have a great weekend, everybody! Got any fun plans? I'm gonna try to hit the card show tomorrow.


  1. Love the Macha! Great way to kick off my weekend. You know me... might hit up a flea market or two. Plus it's my best friend's birthday so we'll be celebrating with her family. Have fun at the card show!

  2. Card show tomorrow. Looking to get. Wibur. Wood, Tommy Harper and Bill Lee autos