Saturday, April 12, 2014

Come take a gander at some cards I got (Card Show Recap)

At my last card show (which was my first card show as an adult), I mainly dug through the vintage guy's dollar boxes. This show, I was efficient/lazy and dug into the first dealer through the door, spending 45 minutes or so going through his 7-for-$5 boxes filled with a good mix of stuff, coming away with 21 cards for a cool $15.

I grabbed a few quirky 90s inserts including this Frank Thomas photo slide card from '94 Leaf, here held up to the window for the full effect.

Here's another Big Hurt. 1991 Stadium Club has a checkered past for me. Last year I bought the complete set off a guy on eBay, but several of the cards had a weird scuff thing going on that I couldn't stand for. I ended up sending the set back for a refund, meaning I basically rented the set for a few days for the return postage I coughed up. Bummer. At least now I got these 2 key cards from it. The guy had a ton of Griffeys, but this is the only one I pulled the trigger on.

A couple crazy Ripkens. I wasn't necessarily going after Cals, these just happen to be funky types of cards I had an interest in. The first, an addition to my glow-in-the-dark mini-collection. The "CD" diecut is an insert set I've been wanting to get into my collection for a while.. joining my loves of baseball cards, music, and puns into one.

The only non-baseball card I picked up, a sweet Jerry Rice 2nd-year. I was sure to check all the dealer's cards that were in hard cases (notice several of these cards I'm showing are in hard cases). I know some of you binder guys don't like your cards "incarcerated" as such, but a hefty plastic case on a card makes me happy, what can I say. Plus it made me feel like I was getting an even better deal since screw-downs ain't free, ya know.

Speaking of screw-down cases, check out that Maddux! What a case! As for the card, it's some Sportsflixy "SAMPLE". Cool. The guy had a lot of Maddux cards, but I limited myself to just this one. These 4 cards above were the Padre-ish cards I picked up. Up top is a Brian Giles bat relic #'d 22/25. Below that, a shiny #'d Gaylord and a 3D Ozzie.

A couple more relics.. Ivan Rodriguez and Craig Biggio. Just a couple guys I kinda like that I didn't really have any hits of. 72 cents a pop? Sure.

I seem to have a soft spot for "we are family" Pirates.

Of course I couldn't not throw some sweet vintage onto my stack! Never heard of Heinie (giggle) Manush, and honestly can't tell you what set that's from without Googling it. (I know it's old Fleer.) But I like it. (Do you like my Heinie?)

And we finish up with some dudes who are still active, including some potential "Refraction Action" subjects.

So there you go. Not a bad "less than a blaster" haul. My neck/back won't allow me to be one of those guys who kills several hours hunched over going through cards, but they have this card show about once a month, and as I mentioned last time, it's a short drive from my house, so I have no problem keeping my outings brief.

Thanks for reading, Robert. And everyone else, too. Keep it hot on the corner, Pat. Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Very nice haul! Love that photo slide card.

  2. A couple nice vintage snags. Nive

  3. Ozzie, Robinson, and Pudge. All great cards.

    For the longest time, I thought that the author of $30 a Week Habit was personally addressing an unknown-to-me reader named Robert. Thought it was so weird, until I found out that it was HIS name.

  4. Great purchase... here's my five favorites:

    #1 1982 Kellogg's Ozzie Smith
    #2 1971 Topps Frank Robinson
    #3 1994 Leaf Slideshow Frank Thomas
    #4 1987 Topps Jerry Rice (This card pictures Rice's first pass attempt in the NFL)
    #5 1976 Topps Willie Stargell