Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Refraction Action: McCovey shines bright like a diamond

Here's another recent addition from Tony L. Sure, he's known for his time with the Giants, but Willie Mac's got a place in my heart for being the first Padre enshrined in the Hall of Fame. I'll never come close to rivaling the collections of others such as ARPSmith, but it's always nice to add a new McCovey to my McCollection. Here's what this one looks like in action:

That's a shimmering, shining Stretch!

And hey, speaking of stretches, we're in the home stretch with my 1st Twitter contest. All you gotta do is follow me on Twitter to be entered (retweet for bonus entries). The prize is a 2014 Gypsy Queen auto. More info here. Contest closes at the end of April, so hurry up and get in on it if you haven't yet!

p.s. Sorry about linking that Rihanna song up top. Next time I need a song regarding diamonds, I'll go with Pink Floyd ("shine on you crazy..") or the Beatles ("Lucy in the sky with..") or some other song that isn't terrible, I promise. In fact, in the comments below, please tell me your favorite "diamond" song.


  1. I'm pretty particular to Forever in Blue Jeans...

    1. There you go. Neil's got some classics, for sure. Cracklin' Rosie.

  2. And, I love what you've done with Mr. McCovey here. If his diamonds were dancing in multiple colors, then the Beatles would totally have made sense.

  3. How about Bowie - Diamond Dogs
    "As they pull you from the oxygen tent, you ask for the latest party"