Friday, April 4, 2014

Drunk on liquorfractor: A liquored-up Refraction Action

I'm taking off work Monday and Tuesday, giving myself a nice 4-day weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation. The highlight will likely be Monday night, seeing one of my all-time favorite bands in concert for the first time ever.. Very excited about that! (Check out the above if you're not familiar with that album. You'll probably hate it on first listen, but stick with it and by the 3rd or 4th time around, it'll be your new favorite album. Or maybe not. But I like it.)

In honor of my "spring break", as I'm calling this extended weekend, I'm cracking open the cardboard cognac.

2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary #496 - Gavin Floyd

I expanded my Greatest Gavins collection in a recent COMC order, and picked up this bad boy among the additions. Looks pretty sweet in action! Talk about a trippy Floyd light show!

Spring break!! Wooooo!!

This party's just getting started. Pour me another.

[slurred speech] You know what? You know. I love you, man. You are you are the best. You don't even care that this post is a post on a joke from three years ago. No, I mean that. ...Ace is the place!

Ug.. oh jeez.. hurp.. I think I've had a bit too much. *buuuh* I'm gonna hurl... 

Oh man, I'm gonna be hungover tomorrow. Ya gotta be really careful with liquorfracor intake. Enjoy in moderation, guys.

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