Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cards from Alex

Alex from Chavez Ravining is a pretty swell guy and sent me a loaded PWE a few days ago. Let's take a quick overview:

Here's a nice display of mostly Padres and a dozen Simpsons game cards. I do love that show, and this is a reminder to me that I should revive and wrap up the Simpsons Fortnight at some point. That was a fun little mini-series here on the blog earlier this year.. check it out if you missed it.

Big thanks, Alex! Great cards. I'll shoot you some stuff in return soon and though you were a few days short getting extra entries into the 1st Anniversary Contest, you'll at least get a bonus entry into the currently-on 100 Followers Celebration Contest.

Oh, and by the way (hey, let's try to score me a bonus entry!), Alex is currently running a nice contest of his own. It closes pretty soon, so jump on it if you haven't yet. Here's the link.


  1. Yeah, Alex is pretty cool. We have a trade ready, though I have a feeling he may be getting more cards soon, so I'll have to ask him after he gets back from his trip.

  2. That's a really nice bunch of cards there!