Monday, July 14, 2014

setting the contest line-up; bring on the All-Star Game

Ok, let's move closer to finding a winner for the 100 Subscribers Celebration Contest.

Here're all the entrants in alphabetical order:

AdamE 1, followers contest
Al Kawamoto 1, 1st contest
Al Kawamoto 2, followers contest
Alex Markle 1, 1st contest
Alex Markle 2, cards sent
Alex Markle 3, flip the bip
Alex Markle 4, followers contest
arpsmith 1, 1st contest
arpsmith 2, flip the bip
arpsmith 3, followers contest
Bo 1, cards sent
Bo 2, followers contest
Brad F 1, 1st contest
Brady Umfleet 1, followers contest
buckstorecards 1, flip the bip
Caitlin 1, 1st contest
Caitlin 2, flip the bip
Caitlin 3, followers contest
CaptKrik42 1, followers contest
Cardman99 1, 1st contest
Cardman99 2, flip the bip
Cardman99 3, followers contest
Chuck Bartz 1, followers contest
Corky 1, followers contest
Daniel Wilson 1, 1st contest
Daniel Wilson 2, followers contest
Dennis 1, 1st contest
Dennis 2, cards sent
Dennis 3, flip the bip
Dennis 4, followers contest
Ericabneri 1, 1st contest
Fuji 1, 1st contest
Greg Zakwin 1, 1st contest
Greg Zakwin 2, flip the bip
Greg Zakwin 3, followers contest
hiflew 1, 1st contest
hiflew 2, flip the bip
irondequoit36 1, 1st contest
irondequoit36 2, flip the bip
Jafronius 1, 1st contest
Jafronius 2, flip the bip
Jason 1, 1st contest
JediJeff 1, 1st contest
JediJeff 2, cards sent
JediJeff 3, flip the bip
JediJeff 4, followers contest
Jeff (One Man's Junk [Wax]) 1, 1st contest
Jeff (One Man's Junk [Wax]) 2, followers contest
John Hazen 1, 1st contest
John Miller 1, 1st contest
Josh D 1, 1st contest
Kyle D 1, followers contest
Kyle W. 1, flip the bip
Kyle W. 2, followers contest
Marcus 1, 1st contest
Marcus 2, cards sent
Marcus 3, followers contest
Mark Aubrey 1, 1st contest
Mark Hoyle 1, 1st contest
Mark Hoyle 2, cards sent
Mark Hoyle 3, followers contest
Matt Perry 1, 1st contest
Matthew Scott 1, 1st contest
Mets Cardboard 1, 1st contest
Mets Cardboard 2, flip the bip
mr haverkamp 1, 1st contest
Nathan Bell 1, 1st contest
Nathan Bell 2, cards sent
Nathan Bell 3, followers contest
Need More Cardboard 1, 1st contest
Nick 1, 1st contest
Nick 2, flip the bip
Nick 3, followers contest
night owl 1, 1st contest
night owl 2, followers contest
Once a Cub 1, cards sent
P-town Tom 1, flip the bip
Patrick S 1, 1st contest
Peomike 1, 1st contest
petethan 1, 1st contest
petethan 2, flip the bip
petethan 3, followers contest
Play at the Plate 1, 1st contest
Play at the Plate 2, followers contest
Red Cardboard 1, 1st contest
Red Cardboard 2, cards sent
Red Cardboard 3, flip the bip
Richard Nebe Jr 1, 1st contest
Richard Nebe Jr 2, followers contest
Robert 1, cards sent
Robert 2, flip the bip
Robert 3, followers contest
Robert FJ Rutledge 1, 1st contest
Roger 1, 1st contest
Ryan H 1, 1st contest
Scott 1, 1st contest
Shane Kroeker 1, 1st contest
Shane Kroeker 2, flip the bip
Shane Kroeker 3, followers contest
SpastikMooss 1, 1st contest
Stealing Home 1, 1st contest
Stealing Home 2, followers contest
Steve F. 1, 1st contest
Stewart65 1, 1st contest
Superduperman99 1, followers contest
Swing And A Pop-up 1, 1st contest
Swing And A Pop-up 2, followers contest
the bowl cut kit 1, flip the bip
the bowl cut kit 2, followers contest
The Lost Collector 1, 1st contest
The Lost Collector 2, followers contest
thewritersjourney 1, 1st contest
Tony L. 1, followers contest
Tree 1, flip the bip
Wilson 1, 1st contest
Wilson 2, followers contest

And now let's throw that list into to mix it up. The winning number is the number of hits in Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game. Again, the person in the #1 spot is NOT the winner.

So there you have it. Hopefully was kind to you and gave you a fighting chance. If not, well, I'll try to sneak in one more contest before the month is up, so stick around. After that, all the cards in the prize pool will essentially become trade bait.

Best of luck and keep an eye on the All-Star Game as we find a winner.


  1. Is 53 hits out of the question :-) ?

  2. 53 would be pretty surprising, that's for sure!

    Nate Bell looks to be the odds-on favorite, with all 3 of his entries landing in the "sweet spot" 11 - 26.

    On the other end of the spectrum, poor Alex Markle has all 4 of his entries way up there, the lowest being 64. Tough break! (Don't worry, Alex, I'll at least get you a PWE sent out later this week.)

    And so says

  3. 22 you're saying there's a chance!!

  4. I like my spot!

    Shoot me an email Gavin when you get a chance. I think I have a bunch of cards you may like.

  5. 75 hits? Hmmm... Can we switch it to the total number of homers in the tonight's Home Run Derby?

  6. I've got my fingers crossed. I have a chance at 8. Thanks again for the contest!