Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Today Your Cards, Tomorrow The World

I got a great "just because" PWE from Dime Box Nick on Saturday. I quickly worked in pictures of some of those cards into a mostly-finished anti-Giants mini-rant spurred on by the Jake Peavy trade.

Here are the rest of the cards that didn't fit anywhere in that theme.

Sweet vintage Bob Gibson! Love it. There's also a shiny Larry Walker which is pretty cool too.

A trio of Gwynns, including a multi-exposure shot and the fantastic "Sanders 27?!" card. Been wanting to score that one since seeing it on Nick's blog a while back. Looks like I went straight to the source!

A nice Hoffy BBB (blue bordered beauty), a full-bleed Bip, and check out the 1975 SSPC Whitey Wietelmann!

And don't forget about the other cards I posted the other day, including a 1967 Topps Hoyt Wilhelm. Great stuff. Thanks again, Nick! Now I have to do my best to return a respectable showing of cards, which is a very daunting task when dealing with the Dime Box King! I hope your 2014 needs list is up to date, as that's probably my best bet.

The Ramones song up top is there because Nick loves The Ramones (rightfully so). Here's a very different sounding cover of that same song.. one of my favorites.


  1. Awesome! Glad you didn't already have the "Sanders #27" Gwynn. It's my favorite card of his and I was glad I had an extra to send your way.

    Also, good call on that Ramones song. Easily one of my Top 5 tunes by them. I've heard that cover a few times before. Very different, as you said, but still cool.

  2. The shiny version of Summit is one of my favorite sets of all-time