Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cards from Dennis

I'm still digging through the prosperous maildays I had in late June, summing them up in short, lazy posts (I'm not even bothering to attempt coming up with clever titles.. For shame, me!) even though I could easily get several days worth of posts out of them. But hey, I've been spending much of my allotted blogging time on things like running big contests giving away lots of certified autos, so I think most of you guys will forgive me (Don't forget to play Flip The Bip if you haven't yet!)

But yeah, it was a glorious couple weeks of my card collection getting fat. First, Rod dropped off a huge box of Padres on me in-person before my trip. Then I arrived home to good sized packages from Nate and Judson. Then Marcus dropped a nice bubblemailer on me, followed by a sweet box from Bo. The spike in my card volume was capped off by a big box from Dennis from Too Many Verlanders.

Dennis graciously ran a giveaway blowout recently where you could get free cards by taking free cards. Hopefully you all got in on that action. While I just narrowly missed getting more free cards via the contest, I still got free cards I picked. Pretty awesome.

I asked for the Padres, Chargers, and Brian Giles lots that were available. I went through the box he sent and basically ended up splitting the team lots in half between keepers for my collection and probable trade bait.

A few of the cards were so pretty that I had to take them outside for a summer afternoon photoshoot.

Gotta love cards with some see-thru on 'em. Always a cool look. (And yeah, I'm sure "see-thru part" is not the technical term. Acetate cards, if you prefer.) The refractory parts on this card are nice too.

Up there are a few more various attractive cards frolicking in the grass.

Now here's a big, lazy photo of the rest of the cards that will have a loving place in my collection:

Lots of cards of Trevor, Khalil, Peavy, X-Nady, etc.

My Brian Giles collection is looking pretty good these days. (I've been "teasing" the story of going to school with the Giles Brothers since my blog began, but I'm actually working on it now. Stay tuned. Need to bust out the old yearbooks.)

I haven't followed the Chargers much these past few years, but it was fun looking through the stack and picking out some guys I remember from back when I kept a closer eye on the team. Rivers, Brees, LaDainian, Seau, Vincent Jackson, etc.

Again, huge thanks for all the great cards, Dennis! You're a good 'un! I'll try to find some cards you need to at least help cover the postage you spent on that big box, if nothing else!

Hey, that wasn't that short of a post after all!

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