Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cards from Bob Walk The Plank

First off, Pull-Tab Awareness Week comes to a close today. Thanks to everyone who helped make this 2nd annual event a success. Got a few nice retweets on Twitter. One or two bloggers mentioned it, too. Hopefully next year we can build off this and reach even more people. We can eradicate tape-encrusted top loaders in our lifetime!

Now onto this trade post about some great cards I just received.

Pirate cards are in hot demand in my house. They might be my 2nd favorite team. Specifically the 1979 We Are Family Pirates. I'm a sucker for a team with a theme song. I've got a pretty decent Bill Madlock collection, and reasonable PCs of Willie Stargell and Dave Parker. Bert Blyleven and Kent Tekulve are a couple more guys I like from that particular team. And going back further, of course you gotta love Roberto Clemente.

So there are a lot of Pirates cards in my collection. And as far as my "for trade" box, I often find myself needing some Buccos to balance the scales from good cards sent to me by Nate at Big 44 Sports Cards. I also wanted to work out a trade with Matt from Bob Walk The Plank, since other bloggers are always talking about how awesome he is to trade with. (Battlin' Bucs is yet another cool Pirates blogger/collector I hope to trade with sometime.) After shooting a couple things to Nate, I went ahead and dumped the remainder of my available Pirates on Matt in a blind trade. And yeah, he definitely lived up to his reputation of being a kick-ass guy to trade with! Nothing but hits of guys I collect.

My first Andrew Cashner auto! On-card and a RC, to boot! Love it. (Photo didn't turn out too well; actually looks a lot better.)

The Cashner cardboard keeps comin' with a piece of jersey from Andrew's college days.

A Greg Maddux relic! Bonus points for being a Padres card.

A Jake Peavy relic! I've gotten to the point where I have a silly number of Peavy relics. But I didn't have this one yet.

Finally, here's a pretty neat looking Dave Winfield bat relic.

Awesome stuff all around. Thanks again, Matt! Hopefully I'll be able to build my tradeable Pirates back up before too long so we can trade again.


  1. I'm sure we'll trade again in the near future. I have a bunch more stuff that I can send your way soon! Glad you liked the cards. Tried to give you a good mix.

    1. Right on. As I mentioned, I'm pretty tapped out on Pirates to trade now (unless you need any flagship Topps commons from the 70s?) but I'll keep en eye out at upcoming card shows.

      By the way, the package arrived "postage due" of 54 cents, but thankfully the postman was in a good mood or something and decided to go ahead and deliver it as normal.