Saturday, August 9, 2014

Maiden voyage into a dime box! (card show haul)

Went to the local card show today and finally came across something I had previously only heard stories and legends of on the internet: a dime box! I damn near leafed through the entire freakin' thing. I ended up with 57 cards, and the guy was cool enough to round it to $5. That's a sweet 8.77 cents per card! I will now share scans of these 57 cards with you.

I kinda really like 1986 Fleer for some reason. Probably because I have so few cards from it.. So it's like the "freshest" late-80s set for me.

Bagwell rookies. That 91 Bowman isn't quite as bad as the subject of last week's drunken ramble-- at least, not until you look at the fingers.

Most of these are cards that made me say to myself, "You know, I don't have any early cards of this guy. For a dime, why not rectify that?" And that's not really Omar Vizquel in that photo, right?

I think I already had this card. Oh well, it's cool. I should limit my Carlos Delgado PC to only cards when he was a catcher.

Some mid-80s Donruss. Who doesn't love Spike D. Owen? (The D stands for Dee.. like a Simpsons reference!) The dimebox had lots of Eric Davis' other rookies, but I only had eyes for the 85 Donruss. What a great looking card that is!

No vintage from the dimebox.. a couple cards from 1981 are the oldest in this haul. I think I may have received this Fisk in a trade a few months ago. Oh well, look at those socks!

I had gotten that '92 Leaf Frank Thomas off Listia a year or so ago, but the gold foil was in bad shape when it arrived. Might as well upgrade.

Kellogg's for a dime each? Sure!..even if these aren't big names and this was the year they got lazy and didn't mess with making them have any 3D effect. (and ok, I guess there was some vintage if you count these oddballs.)

I already have Lee Smith's '82 Topps. These 2 cards complete the RC trifecta.

Here are the Padres cards from the haul (and the non-Padres cards that in my twisted collector's mind are considered Padres cards; Yes, Cliff Floyd and Miguel Tejada are Padres through and through). Love that 81 Fleer Ozzie. Perhaps the card I was most excited about out of all 57 was the Seth Smith. He's been one of the few San Diego hitters having a respectable year at the plate. I don't think I owned any of his cards, so it was nice to bring home a serial numbered rookie card for about the price of a stick of gum.

Here are some pre-rookies of guys who went on to fine careers.

I wanted to add some more Smoltzes to my collection. The dimebox had a ton of his rookies, but I thought these 2 looked the coolest. (Really, his '89 Topps, '89 Fleer, and standard '89 Donruss are fugly cards.)

Again, no vintage from this haul (ignoring the 73 Kellogg's), but these 3 cards will do the trick in a pinch.

Finally, here're a couple early Vlad cards. That guy was a beast in his prime.

So there you go! 57 cards that set me back a five. No particular card to make you shoot your drink out of your nose, but I'm very happy with the transaction!


  1. That looks like a well spent $5 if you ask me.

  2. Those Kellogg's cards would've made me shoot my drink out of my nose...if I was drinking anything when I saw them. Nice dime pickups!

  3. And now you see why everyone loves to find a dime box! :-)

    The Kellogg's cards in particular are awesome.

  4. I Have A Dime, Quarter, And .50 Boxes. Last Show I Put 2 Topps Strata AndrewLuck Rookies In .50 box And No One Bought Either One Both Mint. This Show I Have Written On Card Redemptions For 2,4,6 Free Cards Plus A $5 Gift Certificate. Glad To Hear And See You Did Good.

  5. I'd love a dime box ... if I could find one. '73 Kellogg's for a dime. shoot.

  6. I think my favorite is the Satchel Paige. That's a great photo.

    Oh, and for what's worth, I think there should be more drunken ramblings within the blogosphere!

  7. Why not, another comment on the the Kelloggs. LOL! I will trade you for the Garr Kelloggs, and also for the 86 Fleer O'neill. I will make those two dimes (rather 17.5 cents) you spent in to a super super good deal. AWESOME diggin!

  8. Great cards! Lot's of awesome rookie cards!

  9. Wow. That's one of the best dime box purchases I've ever seen. Congratulations.

  10. Thanks, guys! Yeah, it was a pretty sweet dimebox.. seemingly with all good cards, not just a bunch of no-names. Apparently the seller had a pretty nice 50 cent box too.. I'll try to hit that next time if he's there again.

    And sure, John, I'll be in touch about a trade.

  11. My Craig Biggio PC would be similar to your Delgado-as-a-catcher PC.
    That is a great Khalil card.
    It took me a while to get over the fact that Seth Smith was a former-Rockie who helped beat the Padres in game 163. I'm totally over it now though… because that would be ridiculous to hold a grudge that long, right? Maybe? Dang it, I still don't know.