Thursday, June 11, 2015

a couple sweet vintage set starters

I've traded with this guy named Kevin G. a few times recently. He's helped me with a bunch of cards for my '71 and '73 setbuilds over the past couple months. The other day, he hooked me up with a few more 73s, plus graciously dropped a bunch of his '64 and '65 dupes on me. Let's check 'em out.

As I've mentioned in the past, if/when I decide to go after completing a vintage set from the 60s, 1965 Topps would be the frontrunner. I'm not quite ready to begin my Strive for '65 in earnest just yet, but it's great to receive this nice starter lot to make me feel like I've got my foot in the door. Probably about 50 cards or so? Some big names in the stack here! Most of the cards have seen better days, but they're A-OK with me.

And I've always liked 1964 Topps too. I could see myself working on this set sometime down the line, so again, happy to have a little starter set like this! This lot might not have the starpower of the above 65 lot, but these cards are generally in great shape.

And a few 73s featuring needs and upgrades for me. I'm on the cusp of 90% complete now! Some good names here. Love the Rick Reuschel rookie.

Thanks again for the great trade package, Kevin! I'll be keeping an eye out for more cards for you.


  1. That 1965 Hoyt Wilhelm card is the bee's knees.

    1. Yep, it's a fav of mine, for sure. I've already got it in my Hoyt PC, but nice to have a dupe for my theoretical set. It's pretty creased (not really visible in the photo), but I'm definitely not picky about condition when it comes to old cards.

  2. That Roy McMillan Braves card from 1964 -- did he steal that M from a billboard in the stadium, or is that just bad airbrushing?