Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wock the Fuss?!

Hey guys. Here are some recent Listia wins.

Leading with the eye candy, here's a new AJ Lee card for my collection. I heard she retired from the WWE recently. This was after she had been outspoken about equal pay for female wrestlers. Nice to see she's more than just a pretty face. Wishing her all the best his her post-wrestling life. (Being out of the spotlight, hopefully her card prices will eventually cool off to where I can pick up an auto reasonably. They used to eBay for around $30 just a year or so ago when I started collecting her, now it's more like $70, and we're just talking base stickergraphs.)

One seller had several auctions going for various 73's last week. I bid on many, and ended up with these 4. A little chagrinned that it turns out I already had them all-- could have sworn I checked my needs before adding each to my watchlist-- but these seem to be condition upgrades for me at least, so it's fine.

A couple swanky Goldschmidt inserts. Think I used Get-It-Now for each of these, sacrificing patience for some extra credits.

I got this one just as I was wrapping up my Piazza collection, so it's a little late to the party, but kind of a cool card. I didn't bother to make a gif, but it's a lenticular card with the explosions in the background moving around.

I opened the post with a sexy card, so now let's close it with more sexiness: an auto of the legendary silly-named great John Wockenfuss. Ain't it a beauty?

Thanks for taking a look. Catch ya next time.


  1. Wockenfuss also had a silly looking batting stance. He would adjust his top hand on his bat while the pitcher was getting set so that it looked like he was waving at the pitcher. Look him up on Youtube!

  2. Sparky Anderson quote:

    "Problem with Wockenfuss getting on base is that it takes three doubles to score him."

  3. Stickergraphs I like that term. I've got to remember it.