Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My 2nd Superfractor (Superfraction Action!)

Incredible addition to my Gavin LaValley rainbow! I landed the 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini superfractor.

Here it is.. superfracting away in all its glory:

I love this card! I could watch those little gold wheels spin all day. It might not be quite as impressive as the regular-sized superfractor (still out there in a pack somewhere, as far as I know), but still damn cool. I think this has gotta be the new centerpiece of my Gavin LaValley PC, and probably my Greatest Gavins minicollection as a whole.

This is the second superfractor in my collection, joining the Brian Humphries one I picked up earlier this year.

As for checking in with Mr. LaValley here...

After a slow start to the Midwest League season, he's raised his average considerably in the past couple weeks, batting .450 over a 10-game stretch. Nice! Let's hope he continues this pace for the rest of his career, eventually makes it into Cooperstown, and this superfractor makes me rich beyond my wildest dreams! But even if it doesn't quite shake out that way, I'm still extremely pleased to own this card.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. According to Fangraphs LaValley has a .372 BABIP which suggests to me that he's been a tad unlucky.

    Still, nice superfractor man. You and I have the exact same number of supers now. I'll have to get another one before you get the lead ;).

  2. Man...I still need a super!!