Friday, June 12, 2015

Night Owl trade (♥♥♥)

I've never made a trade with the Queen of England or Harrison Ford, but the closest I've come is a small handful little of trades with the cardosphere's own royalty, Greg aka Night Owl. While he can take some random cards from a trade package and weave them into an enchanting lesson on life and love, alas, I'm more of the "check out these cool cards!" variety (with an occasional photoshop or gif to make things more interesting).

Kicking off with the set needs grouping. The David Cone checks off a card from the Glow Stars subset I'm working on. (I ♥ glow-in-the-dark cards!) And in a perfect world, I'd complete the 2011 Topps liquorfractor parallel set (I ♥ sparkly cards and booze!), and a couple Giants of the Deep minis (I ♥ whales!) Do you think it'd count as an autograph if I were to get a narwhal to poke a hole in the card with its horn? If I were a marine biologist, I would totally pursue that goal.

Boo Dodgers, but yay the small handful of Dodger guys I PC. Looks like N.O. hooked me up with some of his dupes. BTW, Matt Kemp is a Padre now. BURN! (I'm calling it now: WS MVP. You just wait!)

A couple of my favorite current dudes to collect! Gigi and Goldy! Love that '11 RC, especially.

And the rest! That Ozzie hologram is amazing.. featuring 3D Wizard doing a backflip.. too bad it's tough to take a picture of, much less make an animated gif (hell, even looking at it in person is a challenge, but when you catch it at just the right angel(s): cardboard perfection). A couple Vlads. A couple A-Gone's (I wonder if I've hit the 100-card mark with him yet?), and a Bench. Much appreciated.

Great stuff! Thanks for the sweet cards, Night Owl. Keep on rocking!


  1. Sweet narwhale, I too live those 11 cognacs

  2. I ♥ this post, obviously. And you've got me off on another trip through the ELO songbook.

  3. Gotta love that Ozzie hologram!

  4. I really like the whale cards. I am seriously considering opening up some A&G at some point, just to see if I can get the oddball stuff they include.

    Of course now I have the Sprint Narwhal commercial song in my head.