Tuesday, June 30, 2015

buttload of trade bait

Sorry, but I thought that'd be a catchier title than "Lotsa trade bait from the card show." Well, actually most of these are trade bait, but not all. I should have sorted better, sorry.

99% sure I've already got that Goldschmidt RC. I'm keeping the McCutchen xfractor.. nice looking card. The crazy Luis Gonzalez card is #'d /100 and set aside for Daniel since he's the only D-backs collector I ever trade with. Turns out the Josh Reddick is a photo variation SP.. took a chance putting that in my stack and I'm glad I did because it's worth a few bucks.

99% sure I've got that Clemente already. This is my first of those original wooden Firebrand inserts.. kinda cool. I figured one of you Cubs fans might want that Ken Hubbs sticker. Still has the original back with peeling instructions. I didn't know anything about it, but turns out it's from 1963 Topps Peel Offs.. easily my oldest pickup of the day.

These Nat-centric cards are for me. Harper is really good. Strasburg is a SDSU guy. And Scherzer has been outstanding (and I love those emerald parallels).

Vintage basketball cards! I'm not well-versed when it comes to old school hoops, but I love to pick up names that ring a bell (though maybe I was thinking of a different Larry Miller.. like the comedian). I'll probably hang onto these, too. (Sorry I was too lazy to remove the price stickers before taking the photo.) I like how the Elvin Hayes photo and Willis Reed photo seem like they might be from moments apart.

Here are some certified autos of guys who made it. I'm willing to trade any of these, though hey, 3 of the 4 were Padres at one point, so I'd be fine hanging onto them too if nobody wants 'em.

More certified autos.. a few Dodgers, a Pirate, and a Cub. Unlike at previous cardshows, I actually passed up several autos of no-names on teams I don't get much trade action on.. focusing on dudes I've heard of and/or teams I could use more of in my trade box.

A couple funky shaped cards of guys with interesting stories.

A couple cards made out of metal and a card with a translucent area. It's probably not wise to buy metal cards as trade fodder because they're heavier and therefore more expensive to mail. Oh well, I thought they were cool.

I found it amusing that they airbrushed the jersey lettering on the back of the acetate card rather than have a true backwards mirror image. Apparently that would be too confusing for collectors.. but misrepresenting Johnny Damon as a switch-hitter is fine. lol

A few more autos, including a couple of Ben Grieve and one of Ruben Mateo. Full disclosure: some of the cards in this post were actually bought at the previous cardshow, but I never got around to making a trade bait post from that show's haul so I've doubled up a little here.

Lastly, here's a selection of serial numbered cards. Philip Humber 168/199. Wilin Rosario 190/564. Omar Vizquel 196/245. Yadier Molina 90/99. And an unidentified 2003 White Sox player 42/46.

Not pictured are cards of Yankees, Braves, Brewers, Kerry Wood, BoSox, and Pirates to be sent out shortly.

Again, I'd like to hang onto the Cutch xfractor, cards in the Nats-centric photo, and the basketball cards. Otherwise these are all available. So yeah, let me know if you want to trade! I'm hoping to take advantage of the holiday weekend to get a few trade packages together. My wantlist is here. Thanks.


  1. I'll have to find me some Larry Miller cards, and a dupe of one too for the Name Game binder.

    1. I'll add it to the cards I'm sending you.

  2. I'm definitely interested in the Yadi Molina and Ankiel cards if they're still available. I'll hit up your want list in a bit.

    1. Sure thing! I think I still have a Lance Berkman mini set aside for you as well.

  3. I'll lay claim to the Kevin Orie if it's still up for grabs

  4. I know I keep claiming stuff from you, Gavin, but I can't help it when you post such great trade bait! Mind putting the Reddick SP aside for me? I have some cards to shoot your way.

  5. Thanks Gavin! I'm sure I can send you some Goldschmidts in return for the Gonzales.

  6. I'll take all the rest <8^P jk Somewhere I have a stack of Padres for ya. The woes of unpacking....