Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hot Scoop! Summertime is Quite Warm

Not a real post today (I wanted to post/retire my Frank Thomas PC, but after several recounts, I'm still just a few cards shy of 100, unfortunately.) just some rambling and an excuse to keep my streak of posting a Christmas Card on the 25th of every month. I think I posted this before but it's an Oscar Gamble "Boys of Summer" auto.

It's been a mild summer so far in Portland (and yeah, I know technically it just became summer this week, but I don't go by the government's BS seasonal starting dates like some damn communist. Nah, everyone knows that Mar-Apr-May is Spring, Jun-Jul-Aug is Summer, Sept-Oct-Nov is Autumn (aka Fall), and Dec-Jan-Feb is Winter. Deal with it! The constitution really should be amended to reflect this. #thanksobama).
But we've finally got some triple-digit days on the horizon and I'm dreading it. Heat that bad really sucks. We don't have AC in the house. We usually hang out in the furnished basement in the summer since it's typically a good 10-15° cooler down there. But even the basement gets toasty on >90° days.

At least work is nice and cold. Remember in my previous post I mentioned a co-worker left the company earlier this week? Apart from having to take on more workload, I'm happy to see her go. She was kind of the "thermostat nazi" of the office, usually keeping it around 74-76° in our work area, even though everyone else would have preferred in a bit cooler, muttering to themselves how hot it was. But now the #$%&^ is gone (normally I'd curse here, but hey, this is work-related; gotta keep it professional), and a new era of pleasantness in the office has dawned, with the temperature more in the 72-73° range. And I sit right next to the thermostat so, to force a Simpsons reference, I'm the Pope of Chilly Town.

Stay frosty, everybody. We're halfway to Christmas.


  1. Did you know.......... there are actual State laws that determine what the thermostat is to be set to in a work environment for that State? Yepper, Jim BOB... Based on square footage and number of "associates" based in that specific space. NUTS! I say. Majority Rules, its hot crank the a/c. Its cold bam there was heat.

  2. I agree on the months for the seasons. There isn't any way that June shouldn't be a Summer month. Kids are out of school for Summer Vacation, so that needs to be amended.

    Nice Gamble card, I'd never seen it. I would offer you some Frank Thomas cards, but somebody close by wants all the Thomas cards I have, reminds me I need to set that up with him.

  3. In a past job I worked in a fairly big office. It was hilarious to see one person lower the thermostat and 10 minutes later someone would come by and raise it.

  4. I work outside the majority of the time. The thermostat is out of my control. That Gamble card is awesome

  5. Half way through a Summer that's yet to arrive in my neighborhood. Cooler temps will be an adjustment for me. As long as others post their temp-related miseries, I won't feel so alone.