Sunday, June 28, 2015

The rest of a 2015 Stadium Club blaster

For reasons I can't quite put my finger on, I'm not typically a big Stadium Club guy, but this year's set looked real good around the blogs. I like the design and I'm glad they didn't go quite as nuts with the photo filters as they did last year. So I had planned on picking up a blaster at the grocery store one of these weeks. But a dealer at the card show had some for cheaper, so I went ahead and bought one from him. I showed the results of the first pack yesterday, but now let's take a look at the rest.

Kennys Vargas seems to be a gold parallel?

Nice to see Fred McGriff in the set. Would love to see him included as a Padre in a modern product sometime, but I'm not holding my breath.

As for the Miguel Cabrera True Colors insert, it's fine. Really it just gets this song stuck in my head..

Gwynn! Happy to pull that card. Not sure why Albert Belle is getting included in sets these days.. does anybody out there get excited to pull an Albert Belle card anymore? The guy was a notorious prick. The Joey Votto insert isn't very interesting. Great photo on that Elvis card.

The Dallas Keuchel is another gold parallel, I believe. It's not numbered or anything.

Cool to pull the Rusney, though he hasn't done much yet this year. The James McCann seems to be a parallel of some sort, as the foil is black, I guess.. not the usual silver. It's not numbered so it's dirt to me.

Looking good. I think this was my only pack that was 100% base cards, no inserts or parallels.

Final pack has a nice Zack Wheeler diecut. It was super cool that the last card of the blaster was Bip! You know I love the heck out of Bip Roberts and was very happy to see him included in the set, with a fun yet headscratching photo choice.

There you have it. Much of these cards are available for trade, so let me know if you wanna work out a deal for anything. Thanks.


  1. Whoa, some very cool stuff there. Love the photo they picked for McGriff, as well as the Bip throwback. The Drew Stubbs is pretty cool too!

    And count me among the few that still love Albert Belle. Dude was insane...but he could hit the ball a mile. I liked him enough.

  2. That Bip image was used in the 1996 Score set, too. It was taken the same day, at least:

  3. My favorite is definitely the Elvis Andrus shot. We don't get to see action shots from that particular angle very often.
    I like the James McCann card, too. I think that would be an excellent card for a caption contest. I can just imagine all of the entries which would mention Kate Upton. Hehehehehe...

  4. I love Stadium Club, but definitely understand why people don't like it buying it. It is not the greatest value in the world because of the amount of cards you get. If I had to do it over again last year I wouldn't have bought as many boxes as I did. I would have just cherry picked on eBay.

    This year I will probably at least buy one box since they improved the checklist some. At the very least you get awesome pictures no matter what.

    That Bip card is great!