Saturday, June 27, 2015

brief card show recap

Home from the card show. It was pretty solid for me, though a little smaller than usual, likely due to the 100° forecast scaring off a few dealers and customers.

Here's an overview of my day.. 3 purchases from 3 dealers.

A couple blasters: a clearance 2013 Archives and a 2015 Stadium Club. Both together for $27.

Spent some quality time digging through a dimebox. Found some good stuff. Ended up with 65 cards. The guy let me have them all for $5. Sweet!

Finally, I picked up 40 cards for $20 from the discount bins of my go-to dealer. Lots of prospect autos, some vintage basketball, and other neat stuff. I'll probably cover most of this stuff in a future post or two.

Let's rip open one of the Stadium Club packs so I can get in on the love...

Not a bad pack. The Mays diecut has to be the highlight, though the Utley is a great looking card as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're all staying cool.


  1. I've found that most dealers give a discount on the dime box. It's a good business model because it keeps me coming back!

  2. Solid card show pickups! Can't wait to see what else you pull out of the blasters.