Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hey, I didn't order the chili!

John from Johnny's Trading Spot is a great guy to trade with. I'm still trying to compile a nice box of cards to send him to get him back for cards he sent a while back. He went ahead and sent me another little bubbler mailer with cards the other day. Oh, the guilt!

Let's check out what I got this time..

Bips! I think those are my first ever Topps Micro cards. They're kinda silly, but I like 'em. A&G should do framed micros. Hey, that's a good "cards Arts & Crafts project" idea.. making standard sized frames to put micro cards in. Maybe I'll do that someday.

A couple cards of my former campus administrator, Brian Giles. Pretty cool.

Now here's where we get to the Chili.

So much Chili Davis! But no, I'm sorry to say, John, it wasn't me who recently declared Chili Davis to be a new PC guy. I believe that was ARPSmith. Mr. Smith, please get in touch regarding which of these cards you need, and I'll be happy to forward them onto you.

Thanks for the cards, John!, even if the majority of them were misdirected. I'm pretty good at keeping my wantlist updated as to who/what I'm collecting at the moment, so when in doubt, feel free to give it a look. But thanks again! And as I say, I'm working on a box of cards to send you shortly.


  1. I received a mailer from John yesterday as well, also with a few of those Topps Micros. I like them, but I can't count the times they fell out of my stack and onto the floor.

  2. I saw a graded Bonds micro on ebay the other day. Why anyone would have a micro graded is beyond me, but at least it made me laugh. I should've gotten it for Matt, I'm sure he doesn't have that in his Pirates collection.

  3. Thanks Gav, for getting that Chili to the right table.