Saturday, August 13, 2016

A sweet contest win: 2016 Allen and Ginter complete base set including SPs!

The cardsphere is a generous place, with usually a couple contests for free cards running at any given time. I'm happy to throw my name in the hat with most easy contests that I come across ("just leave a comment to enter" type), and sometimes I'll put in a little effort for the ones where you need to guess a number or something.

Anyways, Matt over at Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits recently ran a string of Ginter related contests. There was one where you had to come up with some words for a mad lib. I remember having fun with stuff like that when I was a kid, so I spent a couple minutes picking words that might make for a silly mad lib. Lucky me, I was selected as the winner!

Matt had a nice list of available prizes culled from the case he cracked of '16 A&G. I just had to make my first choice the big boy: a complete base set including SPs. The 350 cards arrived today and I'm pretty stoked!

My collecting is mainly focused on player collections and minicollections, with set-bulding usually reserved for my favorite vintage sets. I've yet to take the plunge of attempting to complete a current/modern set. Before today, my most recent complete full-sized set (>100 cards) was 1992 Stadium Club that I bought off eBay a few years back. So this is pretty sweet and adds some diversity to my collection.

He even threw in a nice bonus lot of 2016 Heritage to fill up the box
Huge thanks again to Matt for the awesome prize! Everybody should definitely check out his blog, especially if you're a Ginter fan.


  1. That's awesome, Matt is a nice dude. Gonna have to go buy some A&G now

  2. Congrats again Gavin! One of these days I'll throw together a more personalized package for you.

  3. Nice win.. One thing that works against me is Canada.. Many keep their contests US only..