Thursday, August 18, 2016

Big name Braves knocked off my 1965 set needs

Here are a couple recent key pickups for my Strive For 65 (copyright infringement), coincidentally Milwaukee Braves teammates.

This Hank Aaron is just how I like my A-lister vintage: soft corners to bring the price down a bit and maybe slightly off-center, but otherwise a terrific looking card. Always great to add an old Hammerin' Hank to the collection, set need or not.

Young Phil Niekro amusingly seems to be giving the side-eye to smiling Clay Carroll. While Knucksie is the star of the show here, Carroll was no slouch himself, a two-time All-Star and member of the World Champion 1975 Reds.

I was happy to score this HOF RC for single digits. Here too, the corners and centering aren't perfect, but otherwise it's in amazing shape, with a back so clean and bright I had to put it in a stack of other 65s just to be reasonably confident it wasn't counterfeit (It checks out).

So yep, a couple big ones checked off my 65 Topps wantlist.
Thanks for reading and stay cool out there.