Sunday, August 28, 2016

finally a box of Donruss Optic in my sights

I've had mixed results during my weekend alone. On the plus side, I was able to fix the water pressure in the bathroom sink thanks to a helpful YouTube video. However my attempt to fix the springs to help our windows open and close easier was a disaster, resulting is shouting and smashing. Good thing my wife and dog don't leave me alone too often, as I seem to liable to lose my temper when there's no one around to judge me for being a hotheaded asshole.

But mainly I've just been hanging out and watching baseball.

I also hit the grocery store for some essentials this morning, and lo and behold I finally found a blaster of 2016 Donruss Optic there.

A couple inserts to start off with. These probably won't stay in my collection long. I just mailed off some Giants to ARPSmith, but the Cueto will likely be in the next mailing to him. As for the Schwarber, Cubs are in demand in my tradebox, so always nice to pull decent cards of them.

Here are a couple base refractors. I'm starting to get a nice little Carlos Correa PC going.

These bubblegumfractors as I call them seem to be one per pack. The Machado is a keeper for me, with the rest up for trade.

Some Diamond Kings. The Cargo is a refractor. These are reserved for Twitch if he needs them, seeing as he called dibs a while back. I should hang onto the Kemp but I don't really want to.

Some Rated Rookies, with Jorge Lopez being a refractor.

Base cards of guys I collect.

And the rest. These are up for trade.

This was definitely one of the more underwhelming boxes of the stuff I've seen. No hits or even a single gosh darn serial numbered card. A bit of a disappointment, but I guess they can't all be winners. I probably won't pick up any more of this-- at least not at full retail price, that's for sure.

But yeah, a few cards for my collection and a decent amount of trade bait. Let me know if any of the available cards caught your eye and you'd like to trade. Thanks!


  1. These look great from a distance. I still have yet to try a box myself.

  2. The Pirates checklist was a little weak so I passed on a box of Optic. I've tried winning a few cards on eBay, but the secondary market pricing has been surprisingly solid. The inserts look solid, just wish they would try something new with the Donruss base.

  3. Those cards look sweet. I got some Topps Chrome the other day, but wished I would've known about these and looked for them.