Saturday, August 20, 2016

* * *** **** Card Show! * * *** **** Card Show!

The Portland summer had been mild this year, but with 3 consecutive days ~100° I had to give in and lug the window AC up from the basement storage. Ugh! I braved the heat to trek out to the card show this morning. Despite the heat, it was actually a pretty big, packed show.

I've got kind of a big weekend going on, so I'll try to keep this post brief and the photos might not be very good, so sorry about that.

This first purchase was 14 cards for $10.

Here's some trade bait. Twitch, want that Bowman Cub or Starlin purple refractor? ARPS, want that Giants failed prospect auto? Any Sox fan want the 63 Fleer or the Jim Rice #'d /35.

Jaybarkerfan still collects AZ Cardinals, right? If so, that Jake Plummer is for him. I seem to recall there are a couple Neon Deion collectors on the cardsphere.. who's gonna call dibs on this one? Brady Quinn was mainly grabbed for the uncirculated case with this sticker up. The card inside is available.

Here are some cards for me. It didn't photo well, but that Pujols StarQuest is the shiny "Super Rare" parallel.

Big names from 1975. If I already have that MVP card in my Clemente PC, then to the Frank Robinson PC it will go.

Now we're into a quarterbox purchase, 12 cards for $3. More trade bait above. I always pick up interesting Sox that might go to Mr. Hoyle or maybe Shane or another Boston fan.

These ones are for me.

Those above 2 purchases were from "my usual guy" Bill, but then I walked around some more.

Next was an old guy selling vintage. I wish I had gotten around to updating my printed out needs lists for the vintage sets I'm working on (64, 65, 71), but alas (and I don't have a smartphone, so I couldn't just hop on the net to check). Maybe for next show. Anyways, I got 10 cards out of the 50¢ box.

Don't worry: the color splotches here are on the pennysleeves, not the cards. I'm slowly starting to ramp up my 1957 Topps setbuild but I'm still in the early stages, so I knew I didn't have these guys. It's gonna be a "condition insensitive" setbuild, so I was totally fine with the shape of these well-loved, off-center cards.

I took a shot with 3 cards from 1964 that I thought I might need. (Gavin goes and checks his list) Yes! I needed all 3! Up to 28% complete there. Also grabbed a JR Richard RC and a Pepitone (which I already have, so it's available if anyone's interested).

I wanted to grab something to rip. I had an eye out for 2016 Donruss Optic, but couldn't find any, so I settled on a blaster of 2016 Topps Chrome for $15. I'll bust this in an upcoming post.

Next was a nice nicklebox dig! The guy let me have 27 cards for a buck. Here we see some Fan Favorites and more. Numbered Brewer for Tony L.

More cards. Action Packed Graig.

Snagged a bunch of 2008 Topps Chrome refractors, some for me, some to throw into trade packages. At less than 4¢ a card, hard to go wrong. I think the brown ones are /599.

Plus a few more cards either already set aside for traders or not interesting enough to blog about.

I feel good about this haul. Picked up a bunch of decent cards and didn't spend much cash. Hopefully the 2016 Chrome blaster has something good for me.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you'd like to trade for any of the available cards.


  1. Yes and yes! Nice haul. Good luck with the blaster. :D

  2. I keep forgetting Henke was a Ranger before being in Toronto.

    1. This card was definitely my favorite from the cards above. Nothing says 80s like Tom Henke on cardboard.

  3. Certainly glad you had success at the card show.

  4. Nice pick ups, wish I lived somewhere near a card show. Love the discount vintage. I could use that failed prospect auto, thanks!

  5. Good show! Too bad you couldn't find Optic. I'm curious about those.

  6. Solid card show haul. Lefty is one of my guys... and his 75T card is one of my personal favorites. Nice pickup.

  7. I'll send you an email. I'm interested in the Brady Quinn card. I have some cards I want to send you anyways.

  8. That Robinson/Clemente card from 1975 is stellar!

  9. Interested in the purple Castro, will get you on email.

  10. Interested in the purple Castro, will get you on email.