Friday, August 26, 2016

Lonely weekend / Gary Sanchez

The wife and dog are out camping for a dragonboat race in east Oregon for a few days, so I'll be all by my lonesome this entire weekend. (I'm not big on camping. Add a 6 hour drive to that and it's definitely a pass from me.)

On the to-do list..

  • some cleaning and little projects around the house
  • get a few card packages together and in the mail (remember Saturday 8/27 is the last day before 1st Class packages under 3 oz. go up!)
  • I've pretty much taken 2016 off when it comes to my other hobby of music-making, but I'm probably going to rock out and try recording some stuff with the house all to myself. 
  • Any plumbers reading this? The water pressure in my bathroom sink is a weak trickle these days and I want to mess around and see if I can do anything to help fix that.
  • I've got a couple custom projects on the docket to work on for Rod and Mr. Hoyle.
  • Back up data
  • Crank up some Radiohead and Tom Waits (my wife doesn't like them)
  • Watch District 9 (my wife isn't really into those kinds of movies. Hell, I'm not into those kinds of movies!)
  • Stretch out and enjoy the bed all to myself

I have several card projects in the pipeline to post about, but most of them are being held up by a big COMC order which is taking a while to process. Once that shows up, though... a bunch of posts will be put into motion!

For now, let's dig up something old from the collection to blog about. Hey, the hottest name in the game right now has got to be Gary Sanchez. I'm no Yankee fan, though I've managed to find a few of his cards hanging around the house.

2014 Bowman Chrome mini black refractor.

Chu-ching.. 4/15! Got this in a big 2014 Bowman parallel lot bought from the cardsphere's own Judson Meeks back then, starting to pay dividends now. Speaking of Judson, P-town Tom seems to be running away with the card room contest. Come on, guys.. throw my pigsty a pity vote and make it interesting! Maybe Judson will get around to sending me something if I'm runner-up. For what it's worth, my card room post has gotten some pretty heavy traffic (556 views.. that's pretty damn good for one of my posts).. probably mostly bots, but who knows.. that kind of stuff is interesting to some people.

And a couple other Sanchezes: a regular 2014 mini refractor and some bubbly diecut thing.

Is it just me or does he look like a young Arod?

Hopefully he stays hot forever and shakes any Kevin Maas comparisons and these 3 cards will make for a nice nest egg for me. I should probably sell now while the hype is hot, but that's not my way.

Thanks for swinging by! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Ooooh, that mini black refractor is nice. Cha-ching is right.

  2. Back up the data first! I'm still dealing with trying to record the information off my dead remote hard drive, this week will be two months and I'm nowhere near done.

  3. Nothing better than cranking the tunes when the wife is out of the house. We have drastic ply different tastes in music