Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dimebox Dynamite

Here's the 2nd half of my card show haul from this weekend. Found a pretty solid dimebox and dug out 120 cards.

Some 2016 Bowman prospects, Chrome rookies, and a Rizzo.

I know Alex Gordon had a down year last season, but was still a little surprised to find these for 10¢.

Those text-only cards from Cooperstown sure are ugly, but adding a new Clemente to my collection for a dime always sounds good to me.

There was a bunch of Griffey in there, mostly overproduced oddballs, and I caved to a few. In retrospect I should have left that card on the left since it's not in very good condition. And the '89 Bowman is bent a little, but that's '89 Bowman for you.

Nice selection of Mookies.. I think I needed a couple of these.

There was a little bit of vintage in the there, and I found some 78s of guys I collect.

Rickey. Grabbed an extra of the '82 LL for the Tim Raines collection.

I like these George Brett cards.

Love these Fleer Greats of the Game cards. Pretty sure I already have most of these, but couldn't resist.

Accidentally grabbed an extra Solarte Rated Rookie, if anyone needs one.

There was a healthy amount of Hometown Heroes in there, and I grabbed a few insert parallels. The black borders are kinda rare (happy to score that Mr. October), with the brown "gold" borders being the most plentiful parallel. (I also tried to check card numbers looking for any pesky SPs but didn't find any.)

More HH parallels. These above are trade bait, so let me know if any interest you. The gold Kerry Wood was picked up with P-town Tom in mind, but turns out he already has it.

McGriff. I think those zip code parallels are the rarest of the HH base card parallels. I probably already have that '87 Topps Traded card, but for a dime, why not grab it just in case.

A couple football cards. Don't be fooled by that LaDainian Tomlinson "rookie" as it's actually from 2010. It marks the first Chargers card I've bought since they officially moved to LA. I don't anticipate there being much more. But I still like LT.
I have a little Marshall Faulk collection due to his SDSU ties.

Decent amount of Prizm in the dimebox, and I picked out a few Prizm Prizms aka refractors.

Not a bad lot of Vlad, with a minor league card, neat textured insert, a diecut, and a #'d gold parallel.

And a pretty sweet lot of Wil Myers parallels. I'm sure he's been my fastest growing PC over the past year or so, with many cards coming in via trades plus a few pickups such as these. The Padres just gave him a huge contract, so I sure hope he can consistently produce and help keep our heads above water during this rebuilding.

These Contenders cards are kinda cool, mixing old-timers from their college days with young guys.

Mid 80s Fleer always seems to be strangely light in my collection for whatever reason. Funny how the Bench and Seaver are both somewhat unflattering photos of them throwing. Hell, all these photos are pretty blah. Come on, Fleer!

Some more young guys.

Pairs of Larry Walker and Giancarlo Stanton cards.

Ah, the glory days of Gold Label. That product Topps put out under the name last year did the brand a disservice. With real Gold Label, each card is like a hefty Chrome refractor. (Jeff, do you need that Konerko?)

Here are a couple fun Pacific cards that have a translucent area around the inset headshot. I don't even like Juan Gonzalez, but it was just too cool of a card to pass up.

Here are some more cards.

Some Padres. Jake Peavy / Dan Haren #'d 244/799 was a nice score for a dime, I thought. Peavy is still unsigned for 2017, with talks with San Diego apparently stalled. Would be nice to see him make a return, but whatever.

I need to find a Mark Teixeira collector to trade with, as I seem to come across plenty of his parallels at this card show, with these 2 being the latest additions to my reluctant PC. I don't really want them, but they're too cool/cheap for me to pass up.
Nice to find that Caminiti from his final season. Beltre insert.

Hard to pass up a Mike Trout card for 10¢.

Let's close with this pair. I'm a fan of the band Sleater-Kinney and the show Portlandia, so I had been hoping to eventually land this Carrie Brownstein First Pitch insert.
The Drew Stubbs refractor fills a slot in my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset.

So that wraps it up, besides a few cards already set aside for trader buddies.

Not a bad dimebox haul. Maybe I've become spoiled, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'll go back to this dealer. He seemed like kind of a douche and left for several minutes at a time. I ended up standing there for a few minutes while he came back from the pizza place in the mall. When I told him I had 117 cards and was ready to pay, I was expecting him to round down and just ask me for an even $10, like most of the cool dealers would do, but instead he asked if I could pick out 3 more cards to bring it to $12 (no discount). So that kinda rubbed me the wrong way, but then again, it was a solid haul of cards for cheap, so I probably shouldn't complain.


  1. It's weird how some dealers try to get every dime out of you and others, realizing it's good business, would totally cut you a discount. Getting thirty cents more out of you now may have cost tens of dollars down the line.
    Thanks for picking up the Kerry Wood with me in mind... it's nice to know others shop for me! You're right, I have that one in my Wood binder, but I can always find a home for another. :-)
    I can't believe you found that minor league Best Vlad in a dime box. Pretty cool!

  2. Great deals! I went to a card show two weeks ago and spent a bunch of time digging through 5/$1 boxes and walked away with 9 out of the 10 Griffey Dairy Queen cards. I had never seen them before.

  3. That's kind of cheap of him when you're buying in such quantity. Some nice finds in there for sure.

  4. Fleer Greats for a dime? Tremendous bargain. I don't care how many dupes I have, these must always be acquired. Gold Label at a super sweet bargain too?? You know how to shop Gav! Great haul!

  5. I'm a huge fan of the Contenders football set. It was cool to see a baseball version. It is a nice value buy right now.

    That Crime Dog EX card is a thing of beauty.

  6. Great haul! Gotta love Dime Boxes with that much variety and quality.

  7. Hauls like this one are why dime boxes rule. Most dime box dealers I've come across do give some kind of volume discount, but every once in a while you'll get one that refuses to budge.

  8. Yeah, at least call it $11. Sheesh. Like you said, it's two different worlds for sellers. (A theme of one of my upcoming posts -

    Recent inserts in a dime box are the best thing ever. Especially when they're from HHeroes or Coopy.

  9. Nice haul. It's crazy the stuff you can find in dime boxes these days. As for the dealer... I would have been a little annoyed too. Like GCA said... at the very least he could have said $11. Most of the dealers I've dealt with would have been happy to get $10 though.