Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Joy of a completed base product line: Topps Retired

Topps Retired Signature Edition (or shortened to Topps Retired) ran for 3 years, 2003 through 2005, before eventually morphing with Fan Favorites and Lineage into the modern version of Archives (or that's how it fits together in my mind, at least).

It's one of my favorite brands ever. The autos are the big draw, but the base cards are pretty sweet, too. As a guy who always flips over a card to check out the back, I very much appreciate the full career stats on the back. I pieced together the 2004 base set a year or two ago, then followed that up with the 2003 set complete off eBay not long after.

I recently finally finished off the trilogy by picking up the 2005 base set from an eBay seller for a terrific price. While it's probably my least favorite design of the 3, it's still got plenty of great looking cards in there.

I also picked up another 2003 set from the same guy, though I already had a complete 2003 set, but couldn't resist picking up another one at that price to break up for my PCs, seeing as I collect like two-thirds of the guys in the 110-card set.

And hey, while we're here, let's check out a sweet auto from 2003 Retired I've picked up recently...

A refractor of the great Robin Yount. That's a nice card!


  1. For some reason I really enjoy seeing retired players on newer designs. Topps Retired is definitely a set I would have collected had I been involved with the hobby at the time.

  2. Great post. I'd never seen these cards before. Nice cards. Thanks.

  3. Great looking cards! Congrats on completing the sets! That Yount is fantastic as well!

  4. I love those autographed Topps Retired refractors! Congratulations on picking up that sweet Yount.

  5. I don't come across these cards a lot, especially the 2003s. ... I actually like the 2005 ones a lot.

  6. Didn't know there were three sets of these. Have only come across the 2003s. You have a second set to break up??? Would love to trade for the remainder of the nine guys I collect (minus the ones you do too and the couple I have).