Saturday, January 28, 2017

Panic! at the Card Show

Ok, maybe not "panic" but when I showed up to the card show this morning, I was just a few minutes too late to witness some high drama. Apparently a guy tried to nonchalantly steal a bunch of cards. Seems he had bought a few cards ($60), set them aside behind the bins, then came back to get them a little later, and "whoops", grabbed a bunch more that he didn't buy as well.. like a big bin of $400 worth of cards. After he got busted, he tried to ask for his $60 back before being scared off by a threat to get Security if he didn't leave ASAP. Again, I just missed the excitement, but it was definitely the talk of the show between the dealers.

As for me, I scored a bunch of cards. Nothing too amazing (or expensive) to show off, but I feel ok about my score. First purchase was $10 for a stack of vintage from 25¢ and 50¢ bins. Second purchase was $22 for 32 cards from the 7/$5 bins. And the final purchase was $12 for 120 cards from a dimebox.

I'll save the dimebox dig for another day, but here's the other cards I got for between 25¢ and 70¢ each.

Vlad relic. Numbered to 400 or so on the back.

Trout 3D. Pretty cool to find an eTopps card in the dollar bins.. Austin Jackson RC #'d /999.

Boost to my Francisco Lindor PC.

..And Manny Machado. Sorry I photographed many of these with the price tags still on. They look tacky like this, I know.. just rushing to get this post out.

1st Bowman Cards, including a Snell! Snell! refractor and a Wil Myers from back when he was a catching prospect with KC.

These are neat.

Gold Label.

#'d HOFers.

A few 80s cards including that Raines RC I've been wanting.

1975 Minis.

These are OPC.

More vintage. McAuliffe is OPC.. not sure why I grabbed it, as I don't plan to complete 71 OPC to complement the 71 Topps set I just completed recently. I guess that and the 68 rookie are available for trade.

More vintage, including a "Nat'l Lea."

Football and basketball.

I was reading on the Tim Wallach Card blog last weekend that 1970 Topps high numbers are very tough. Well, inspired by that I picked up 7 cards numbered >600. I'm not working on the set, but snagged them for trade-bait purposes. Anybody need any of these?

A few needs/upgrades for my 64 and 65 setbuilds.

And closing out with some autos. Love that San Diego Chicken!

That's it for today. Nothing amazing, but not bad haul for the price. A few cards already set aside for trader buddies not pictured.

I'll probably show off the dimebox pickups another time once I sort them out a bit. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, there were 3 of them in the quarter bin, so I got to pick the one I thought looked best to me. I've seen it around the blogs a lot, so I was glad to finally add one to my collection, especially in the wake of his induction.

  2. Nice pickups today

    I arrived to the show a little after the thievery went down. Bill was pretty irate retelling the story, he really wanted some blood. Apparently the thief was a regular too!

    1. Ha, we must've been standing next to each other at some point. We really should meet up one of these shows. Were you there when Bill was getting all high and mighty about how he doesn't drink? (nevermind the fact that he smokes a couple packs a day. lol)

    2. definitely should meet at the next show!

      Wasn't there when he was preaching the prohibition gospel, but man he smokes a lot! Those cards sometimes...his lady friend is a patient woman.

      Let me know if you're heading out to the Feb show.

  3. Gotta be a real douche and a dumbass to try something like that. Nice cards though! Surprising some of those cards would be in a 25-75 cent box. Is the Javy Lopez auto certified or was it an IP or TTM?

    1. The Javy seems like it might be certified at first look, but upon closer inspection, doesn't seem to be. Still, I think it was a good pickup for the price.

  4. I could use the 1970 Wayne Garrett if you don't mind.

  5. There are a lot of nice cards in that lot. You did well.

    I wonder how a regular customer gets to the point of trying a theft like that? I guess I understand a new person showing up and trying to take off with some cards, but how does a regular get there? Have they been planning it for a while, or was this just an impulse thing? Obviously that person has burnt their bridges with that dealer, and probably with any other collectors who know them.

    1. Yeah, the dealer (Bill) mentioned how other dealers had told him in the past that he needed to watch that guy, so maybe he tried some shady stuff before. Another dealer mentioned how the theif was the type of guy who always needed to "win big" on any deal. But yeah, pretty stupid as a collector to get yourself blacklisted at your only local monthly show.

  6. Cool pickups! That SD chicken auto is pretty neat.


  8. Awesome haul! The Vladimir Guerrero jersey and the SD Chicken autographs are amazing steals.

  9. Someone at Fleer had to know what their were doing with that "Steve & Carlton" card, right? That wasn't by pure chance.

    And Bogaerts bunting on a high end card? Dammit..... (goes to ebay)

    I will defer to anyone building the 1970 set for the high numbers. But if no one wants them, I'd be happy to work on something in exchange for the two Sox in the group.

  10. Now we just need to get Panic! At the Disco to play live at a card show. I think the people at The National have deep-enough pockets to make that happen.