Monday, June 17, 2019

another card show post

I've still got some cards to show off from my haul from the show over a week ago now.

Shiny '83-style.

A trio of Donruss Preferred.

A pair of today's top catchers.

Non-standard sized badass former Padres.

A couple early George Springer cards.

Non-color parallels.

Shiny young dudes.

Ostentatious crap I love.

A couple /250 High Tek cards.

A few reprints caught my eye.

Chris Sale SP and a Josh Bell purple refractor /250. Bell has quietly been having a monster year.

A little prospectin'. The only card in this post that cost me more than a dollar is the Jeter Downs auto. I just figured it'd be cool to be able to honestly say I own an on-card, certified Jeter autograph, LOL. This Jeter is a 20 year old middle infielder drafted 32nd overall in 2017 by the Reds, later shipped to the Dodgers in the Puig trade.

Closing with a couple hit-type things. I try to consider my Josh Donaldson PC complete enough to not bother to add any more cards, but I thought that bat relic looked good. And I already own a couple Klesko autos and don't really need more, but hey, it was cheap. It's not really certified, though a sticker on the back would like you to believe otherwise...

See? "Certified Autograph".. says right there!

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. Can't go wrong with a post with a couple of Braves in it. :)

  2. This sure was a good show for you! Love the Preferred and the Tek!

  3. Certified or not... that Klesko is pretty cool. Gallery of Stars look really nice autographed.

  4. Oh huh black and white GQ actually looks kind of nice.