Monday, June 17, 2019

another card show post

I've still got some cards to show off from my haul from the show over a week ago now.

Shiny '83-style.

A trio of Donruss Preferred.

A pair of today's top catchers.

Non-standard sized badass former Padres.

A couple early George Springer cards.

Non-color parallels.

Shiny young dudes.

Ostentatious crap I love.

A couple /250 High Tek cards.

A few reprints caught my eye.

Chris Sale SP and a Josh Bell purple refractor /250. Bell has quietly been having a monster year.

A little prospectin'. The only card in this post that cost me more than a dollar is the Jeter Downs auto. I just figured it'd be cool to be able to honestly say I own an on-card, certified Jeter autograph, LOL. This Jeter is a 20 year old middle infielder drafted 32nd overall in 2017 by the Reds, later shipped to the Dodgers in the Puig trade.

Closing with a couple hit-type things. I try to consider my Josh Donaldson PC complete enough to not bother to add any more cards, but I thought that bat relic looked good. And I already own a couple Klesko autos and don't really need more, but hey, it was cheap. It's not really certified, though a sticker on the back would like you to believe otherwise...

See? "Certified Autograph".. says right there!

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. Can't go wrong with a post with a couple of Braves in it. :)

  2. This sure was a good show for you! Love the Preferred and the Tek!

  3. Certified or not... that Klesko is pretty cool. Gallery of Stars look really nice autographed.