Saturday, June 15, 2019

back to more random card show pickups

I've been distracted by ballgames n' Musials n' stuff, but now let's return to my haul from last weekend's card show. All the cards in this post aren't intended to stay in my collection. I suppose this is a "trade bait" post. But hey, today is my blog's 6th anniversary, so I guess it should be a contest-type post too. I don't think I have it in me right now to do a big, drawn out contest-event thing, so let's just make it easy and say the first 3 people who comment can pick one of these lots to receive in a PWE as a prize. (UPDATE: the 3 winners have spoken. Thanks, everybody.) Say which lot number you'd like in the comment, first come first served. Oh, and you have to have already left at least one comment on my blog this year to be eligible! Sorry, lurkers and prize hounds. Thanks and good luck!

#1 - a pair of autos

#2 Yankees lot

#3 White Sox autos

#4 Cubs lot

#5 Pirates autos

Now the lots aren't exactly all from the recent card show, but I'm also mixing in some other tradeable stuff I've had sitting around looking for a new home.

#6 Reds autos

#7 More Reds plus Tom Seaver lot

#8 Kirby Puckett lot plus a low-numbered Twins prospect

#9 various

#10 Giants autos

#11 auto racing lot

#12 various

#13 basketball lot

#14 football lot 
#15 various

#16 George Brett lot

#17 Ozzie Smith lot ('79 is a CYMTO reprint)

#18 partial '89 Mother's Giants set missing a few cards

#19 Bowman football auto lot

#20 Upper Deck football auto lot

#21 more football autos

#22 yet more football autos I'm trying to get rid of

#23 Jeff Niemann auto/relic

#24 more various baseball autos

That's it. The first 3 lots to get called dibs on in the comments below will be 6th Blogiversary Celebration prizes. After that, what's remaining is up for trade. I've got a big wantlist with lots of sets I'm working on and players I collect, so take a look and drop me a line if you'd like to swing an easy swap. Thanks!


  1. I would be interested in the Ozzie Smith lot, and while I am here to check out your lists. I have not looked at them for awhile. But I do have some cards for you.

  2. I totally forgot, but congrats on reaching six years. I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I would love lot number 3. Congrats on 6 years. I figured you have been around for longer than 6 years.
    I’m working on a package for you with some Padres and PC guys. I’ll try to have it out in the next 2 weeks.

    1. *oops* sorry. I meant 23, the Neimann card.

  4. 6 years have gone by so quickly, congrats to you Gavin!! The Tom Seaver lot #7 would be good for me, as I need a couple of those Seavers for the sets I'm working on.

    Here's to year #7!

  5. Here's to the next 6 years. gulp (me pretending to down a makers and coke)

  6. Congratulations on your 6 year blogiversary

  7. Only six - wow, feels like longer! Congrats! Nice timing on the Yankees lot - Nestor Cortes got his first MLB win today!

  8. Wow there was a lot there to view

  9. Congrats on the bloggiversary to one of the more creative bloggers I know. Keep it up!

  10. Congrats on six years! Looking forward to many more years of awesome content!

  11. Congrats on six years, my friend!

  12. Happy 6th! Hopefully you've got at least a few more in you :)

  13. Happy blogiversary! Puckett rookie card. Mother's Cookies SGA cards. NASCAR hits. Lots of cool stuff here.