Thursday, June 13, 2019

Saluting St. Louis with Stan Musial

Congrats to the St. Louis Blues on their first ever Stanley Cup victory. I'm not a big hockey guy, but I enjoy seeing the underdog prevail.

Fittingly, on the very day that St. Louis became NHL champions, I received the new best St. Louis card in my collection, though this one of the baseball variety.

My #1 collecting goal goes from Sweet 16 down to 15 left to go with this 2004 Topps Retired Stan Musial refractor auto. It popped up, I put in a fair best offer (less than what the last one I saw went for a few years back [that I had been kicking myself for missing out on since], but still fair) and it was graciously accepted.

My God, is it beautiful!!

So happy to have landed this one. I know his autographs have been devalued in recent years due to his family pressuring him to sign thousands of stickers in his twilight years (with his penmanship failing in tandem with this health, leading up to his 2013 passing at age 92), but this card was signed back when he was still in good health and it looks great.

An all-time great, no doubt about it!

I also recently ended up winning a charcoal parallel of his 2003 Retired card. Not as awesome as the ref auto, but still a sweet addition to my Stan The Man PC.

Thank you for taking a brief moment out of your busy day to look at my blog.


  1. Beauty! Congrats on landing another big one and getting closer to that set.

  2. Congrats on getting one step closer! I love that Charcoal parallel. Too bad Topps doesn’t do stuff like that in the regular sets.

  3. Great cards. I really like that charcoal parallel.

  4. Beautiful card! Love that shine!

  5. He's got such a sweet follow-through on those cards. You could put a golf club in his hands and he'd look like a pro.

  6. 15 left? You're getting so close! Such a beautiful card too, with a very attractive signature. Also, the members of Mr. Musial's family are disgusting, that's all :)

  7. Hey, if you ever come across the 2003 version I will pay $1,000 for it. I bought the '03 Willie Mays from you some years back and I'm getting close to the '03 set.

  8. This is so great looking. Both cards, really. I am a big sucker for the old black Topps parallels from the flagship set from the '00s, before they, well, changed.