Friday, November 27, 2015

Forget Black Friday! TRADE BAIT from the card show!

I've been slow on getting trades mailed out lately, but I'm gonna try getting out a wave of PWEs/packages in the next week or two.

Here are a bunch of cards I picked up at last weekend's card show with the intention of re-homing them. Prices varied, but none of them cost too much. Take a look and give me a shout if anything catches your eye.

Hey Braves fans! A Chrome refractor of Wes Helms, a Prime Time battery oddball, and a Hank Aaron "pre-rookie that never was." I already got me a copy of that one; it's pretty neat.

Hey Cubs fans! Auto of somebody named Zeke DeVoss, Junior Lake parallel #'d 49/75, and a Jorge Soler #'d 238/599.

Hey Cardinals fans! Give your Fernando Tatis PC a boost with a certified auto and a shiny Pacific Prism parallel #'d 45/480.

Hey Twins fans! All of these are low numbered cards (if you count 250 as low).

Hey Reds fans! Sweet Cincinnati Greens(?!) auto of Daniel Corcino, and a Pokey Reese #'d /1000.

Hey Mets fans! Ruben Tejada mini #'d 64/99. Carlos Beltran Chrome refractor.

Hey fans of repulsive monsters! Chupacabra mini and a Ray Rice #'d 18/100.

Hey autograph fans! David Lough. Jack Cust #'d 105/200.

Hey relic fans! Brady Anderson bat #'d 31//50, Chris Okey USA jersey #/99, and 49er Kendall Hunter.

Hey fans of Geoff Blum Chrome refractor. Larry Doby framed Gypsy Queen #'d 452/499. While I've yet to partake, I'm determined to send cards to the Tim Wallach collector one of these days, but I just rarely come across his cards. Back in my early days of collecting, he was a guy I collected, with a modest PC of 10-20 cards, but they were lost in the purge when I moved from San Diego up to Portland. But working up a small bunch of cards, including this '89 Bowman.

So yeah, if you saw anything you're interested in, take a look at my wantlist and see if you can dig up anything comparable for me in exchange and get in touch about a trade.

Oh, I got my wife a Playstation 3 for Christmas (she was getting a nostalgic hankering for playing Crash Bandicoot), and so if any of you have old PS1 or PS3 games (apparently PS2 games aren't compatible) you don't play anymore, I would likely be interested in trading you cards for them, so just let me know and maybe we can work something out.


  1. I've been putting together some cards for your PCs for those Braves I asked about. I'm in Atlanta now but when I get home I'll let you know what ps3 games I have, have ps4 and never play it.

    Dibs on the primetime!

  2. I sent you a PWE a couple of weeks ago that included the Graig Nettles card on your double dozen. Does it still being on your list mean the letter never arrived?

    1. Ahh! No, sorry to say such a PWE hasn't arrived. Hopefully it just took a detour and will show up shortly.

  3. Looks like I'm gonna need to get another package together for you for those Cubbies. :D

  4. I'd love to have the Jacque Jones refractor (for the throwback jersey) if you wouldn't mind putting that one aside for me!