Saturday, November 7, 2015

weekly trade roundup: ARPSmith and P-town Tom

Earlier this week, ARPSmith dropped some fine cards on me.

Nice! I'd been wanting a Dave Parker RC for a long time. Great card.

Here we've got some other big names from yesteryear. Love getting Yaz cards even if I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing another Prizm card. And that's a beautiful Stargell. I believe that Rickey is my first card from Panini's Diamond Kings reboot. Nice looking card, gotta say.

Here's a card I was excited to get. Adam posted about pulling a Kaline parallel #'d 12/25 a little while back, and I spoke up as a willing suitor if he were looking to re-home it.

But wait a minute!...

21/25?! That's not a Christmas card. Bummer. But still, it's a nice looking Kaline parallel /25, so I'm definitely not complaining.

Inexplicably, Adam also threw some used batteries into the package. What the F?! (Fun)

Nah, I'm just playing; he didn't really send me batteries.

Great cards.. thanks again for the trade, Adam!

And then just today, P-Town Tom surprised me with a mailer full of cards.

"Call me King of the Blue Tape!," proclaimed Rollie Fingers, unprompted.

Some McCovies and Williamses. Very cool.
These photos mark the debut of my new coffee table, btw. Momentous! $5 from my work's lobby. That's real California mahogany*. (* may not be mahogany. may also be from Indonesia.)

Mad Dog DK. Rollie returns. And a star-studded 72 LL.

My bro Tom also hooked me up with a fat stack of 2011 Topps parallels for my frankenset. One of these rainy days I'm going to get a spreadsheet going and see what my progress is.

Very appreciated! Thanks, Tom.. I'll get some Cubbies sent out your way soon.

Keep on rocking, all you guys!


  1. After struggling with which one of your AL KALINES I liked the best,the decision became quite clear.Nothing beats the copper top .