Friday, March 10, 2017

Dropping an F-bomb

Got a couple trades in the mail this week to feature today.

I've read the Angels In Order blog for a long time but hadn't had the pleasure of trading with its author, Tom T. until he got in touch a few days ago. Always nice to pick up a new trading partner, especially a collector of a team that's amply represented in my tradebox such as the Angels.

Tom packed 4 cards in his PWE, highlighted by perhaps the most infamous card of all time...

It's the world's best known profane bat knob! I picked up the more-common "black box" variation a while ago at the card show, but was looking to add the uncensored original to my collection, so I was very happy to land this one in our trade. (If you missed my old post creating silly fake cards inspired by the Billy Ripken fuck face card, I think it's worth a minute of your time.)

John Blanchard is flanked here by a couple 20-game winners in Mudcat Grant and Mickey Lolich. These 3 were very appreciated needs for my 1965 Topps setbuild, though I'll probably try to upgrade the Lolich eventually, as it appears a small rodent snacked on it at some point.

Big thanks for the quick trade, Tom! I dropped a PWE of Angels in the mail to you the other day.. hope you like. I damn near went ahead and filled a flat-rate Priority box to majorly thin out my Angels, but resisted.. maybe next time!

-  - - --o

Next up is a nice bubble mailer from Mr. Stealing Home over at All Trade Bait, All The Time.

As a Dodgers collector, he usually has some dupes to pass on to me of guys I collect like Clayton Kershaw...

..and Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Kemp. I definitely don't have many A-Gon cards featuring him from his early Texas Rangers days.

Obligatory Padres with a Gwynn Berger's Best reprint.

And some other dudes I collect. Especially digging the Father's Day Giancarlo and the Stadium Club Larry Walker.

Thanks a lot, man!

Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Mmmm Lolich...chomp chomp.

    I think every serious collector should have a FF Ripken (even though I dont have one myself)

    The Archives Kershaw is one of my absolute favorite new cards. The 91's are really nice, but Topps changed a lot of the team wordmarks from the original set. The Kershaw card gets everything just right.

    1. This sounds like a blog post in the making... "Top 5 Cards Every Serious Collector Should Own". The Billy Ripken should be there... and so should the Griffey UD rookie... which would make at least 40% of the top five from '89/junk wax era.

    2. Which would mean I hope the other three cards are ones I actually own.

      I really need to get my act moving on the Ripken FF and Junior UD rookie.

    3. Yeah, I don't have them either. I was just going through my 89 Fleer set last night (yer psychic!) to see which of the rookies cards I have. Had both Romines, blaced out Unit, and the wrong back Brookens in my dupes box.

  2. Cool Ripken addition. That's Def a piece of Cardboard history

  3. I was shocked when I found the Ripken in a junk box a while back. It never really fit in my collection but at least I can now say I had one once.

  4. Just came across the Ripken FF today was sorts 80s cards. How variations were there anyway???

  5. I have that FF somewhere, I think I threw mine in a drawer or a box. It will be nice to find it again. Nice 65s, and the clan of Dodgers too. BTW, did you get that package today?

  6. Love me some FF. Great card.