Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trade Bait from the card show

Ok, my recent card show recap posts (pt 1, pt 2, pt 3) haven't exactly been lighting it up with the views and comments, but maybe these will be a bit more interesting to you guys, as all the cards in this here post are all available for trade. If you're a regular trade buddy of mine and something catches your eye, just give me a heads up and I'll set it aside for next time I send you cards. Or if we haven't traded before, maybe something here will spark a first trade. Check out my wantlist and get in touch.

Yankees. Minor league Bernie Williams. CC Sabathia farting out a complete game.

Twins, each #'d /150. It's probably time for Brian and I to swap again, but maybe there's another Twins collector out there who wants in on the action.

Rangers. Man, it seems I pick up a serial-numbered Mark Teixeira card at every show (I think this one is /500), though I don't want them and can never find a trader to take them. It's a sickness! Fergie is #'d /250.

Here's a Justin Upton xfractor and a Braves prospect.

2015 Bowman parallels. Chris Davis /499 and Johnny Cueo /250.

Team USA. Daz Cameron /99 and Carlos Rodon diecut /199.

Picked up this /399 Nomo with Night Owl in mind, but looks like he's already got it, so maybe another Dodger fan would want it.

Picked up these Kerry Wood cards with P-town Tom in mind, but looks like he's already got them, so maybe another Cubs fan would want them. (Did find him a couple other Woods he might need, though.)

More Cubs. Prior is /250.

Not Cubs cards, but Cubs fans might have interest in these RCs of future Cubs.

That's it. Not pictured are some Pirates for Matt and Braves for John.
So yeah, let me know if you're interested in trading. Thanks!


  1. I've been reading along, loved "Wohs Drac" ;-) Is that Altuve that you led off the post with included? If so I'd love a shot to trade you for that one!

  2. I think I've got all the Cubs you showed except for the Tools of the Trade Prior and the Wade Davis. But, I'm holding out for Davis' first card as a Cub. I hear he's in GQ.
    Thanks for thinking of me though!

  3. Hey! I am interested in the Nomo card. Let me know if you wanna get a deal going.

  4. If those Woods really need a home, I might be willing to take them in. The Santo, too. I think I've got some cards already set aside for you.

  5. I'd be interested in those Arrietas if they're not already spoken for.

  6. Dang it! I'm late on the Nomo. Maybe I'm not so excited about Spiegel being back in the game! >.<

  7. The Wentz and Santo are go(s) for my wagon