Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hoyt Wilhelm player collection

Haven't done a "Wilhelm Wednesday" post in a while. Here's an update of my Hoyt Wilhelm collection. He's a fun guy to collect... long career, relatively affordable HOFer from the vintage Topps era. I definitely don't supercollect him or anything, but try to add a card here and there when I can.

I've got another copy of the '57 that's in my young setbuild. As for the pair of 59s, this is one of those instances where I suffer from choice paralysis as far as which is the "keeper" and which is the "dupe" so I just hang onto them both. The one on the right is sharper (though slightly more off-center), but the middle one has great character. I had never really been a huge fan of 1959 Topps in the past, but there are a few guys on the cardsphere currently working on it, so I feel like I've been seeing more of it these days, and I'll admit they sure do look nice in a page together. I'm trying to talk myself out of it, but I could see myself deciding to work on completing the set, but it would be years from now, after I complete 1965, 1964, and 1957. But yeah, if I still have a hankering for working on another vintage set after those are put to bed, 1959 would probably be the top contender. And if/when I do, the card on the right would probably go toward the set. (Update: I've since added a 1953 Topps card to the PC.)

I've got a few Hoyts from the 60s, but still several left to hunt down. (Update: I've since added 1963 and 1969.)

Just need 1970 to wrap up his 70s Topps cards. (Update: I've since gotten the 1970 Topps card.) The '71, '64, and '65 are dupes, in that I've got additional copies of those with sets. I'm not above "sharing" a card between a set and a PC, but if I end up with two of them, fine.

Some reprints and/or Archives. Funny that the 2 recent Archives cards use the same photo, though the '83 design has it correctly colored for the era (blue), while the '91 design uses modern Giants colors.

Upper Deck
Some more modern cards, these ones from Upper Deck. I like those cards with fuzzy parts (bottom left), though some collectors are creeped out by them for whatever reason.

Good ol' Fleer.

More modern stuff from Topps.

Some neat oddballs.

Love the vintage cloth uniform bits.

Relic addition - thanks to a recent trade with Dimebox Nick


Signed 8x10

Dupes available for trade
A couple creased vintage cards plus some more recent stuff. Let me know if you'd like me to set aside any of these dupes for you, as I don't need them.

And of course I'd be happy to get any Hoyts I'm missing.

That'll do it. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great group of cards! Lemme check and see what I might have that you could use. But it looks like have quite a bit of him covered.

  2. Nice batch of cards..

    Bit of a silly question I feel, but what is a supercollector as opposed to a Player Collector?

    1. I'd say a supercollector has the goal of acquiring every card (and non-card collectible) possible of a particular player, often working off a large master checklist.... whereas a regular player collector is more casual about adding to the collection, with no ideas of ever having anywhere near a "complete" collection of the player's available cards.

  3. Love that! Thank you for sharing!


  4. I got that 70 Hoyt for you. I'll put it in with the next batch of what I just sent you. Did you get them yet?

    1. Nice.. thanks! And nope, haven't gotten your latest package yet.. hopefully tomorrow!

  5. Replies
    1. Mahalo! I'm sure my collection pales in comparison to many others out there (he's a main PC of Dimebox Nick, for one), but mine is coming along fine.

  6. I've finished '59 and am heavy into '64. We should see if our spares fit each others needs....

  7. Nice Wilhelm collection..
    this is a posting back from 2013 I did about a 1969 Wilhelm card.