Tuesday, April 4, 2017

killer addition to my collection

Do you ever win an eBay listing and are so happy about it that you go to your "My eBay" page several times in the ensuing days just to see the card listed under your "Orders" and smile thinking about its impending arrival? This was one of those for me.

Landed my first Harmon Killebrew auto! I love Topps Retired Signature Edition, the short-lived auto-per-pack high-end product from 2003-2005. I keep an eye on eBay for Retired cards I need popping up at a good price. This one showed up at a very reasonable buy-it-now and I jumped at it. The seller misspelled it "Kellebrew," so that might have been a factor in nobody snatching it up sooner.

Lots of red stats on the back, making it easy to see how Killer was a no-doubt HOFer. These cards aren't serial numbered (only the refractor parallels are numbered), but according to Beckett, only 76 were produced of this base auto Killebrew.

So yeah, nice pickup. Great player and a class act. Very happy to add his autograph in my collection.


  1. Sweet Killebrew auto! Looks like he was nearing the end of his career when that photo was taken.

    Many of the "old timers" have nicer signatures than today's stars, but Killebrew's stands out among some of the all-time greatest. Congrats on winning this!

    1. Wow, he does have a terrific signature! Great pick-up!

  2. Very nice! Nothing like (maybe) capitalizing on an eBay spelling error.

  3. Great card! This is such a great set.

  4. great card ! Killebrew had such a great signature..just for the record , even with his great stats he didn't get in to the HOF til his 4th year of eligibility (1984 with Don Drysdale)

  5. Thanks, guys! Yeah, he definitely took pride in providing a nice signature for his fans.

    And thanks for the correction, ned. Post updated. I blame that mistake on being fooled by baseball-reference.com's awful redesign.

  6. great card and auto! i love finding 'steve gravey' cards on the bay!

  7. Nice catch, a simple spelling error probably caused a number of potential bidders missing out but that is your win.

  8. What the hell happened to Topps? I compare a card like that Killebrew with some of the "Topps Now" stuff and other things they try to peddle online these days, and it's just really jaw-dropping.

  9. a real beauty!!! gorgeous penmanship - something we are losing with the continuing addition of new technology.