Saturday, April 8, 2017

Some quick follow-ups

'Member a couple weeks ago when Commishbob sent me a few vintage Hoyt Wilhelm cards? In his note he mentioned have one other Hoyt dupe for me but he couldn't find it. Well, he found it and shot it my way in a PWE earlier in the week.

1980 TCMA. Familiar photo, but it looks great.

Along for the ride in the PWE were these 3 mascot stickers. They're a little perplexing because I don't necessarily collect mascots, but hey, I'll take 'em.

Thanks, Bob!

It was a slow week for me trade-wise, and those were the only cards I got from the cardsphere this past week.

- - - ----o

'Member back around the holidays when I sent out rip cards with mini custom magnets in them?

They were numbered to 25. I couldn't bare to give away a Christmas Card, so I made card 12/25 for myself. I plan to leave mine unripped, but it's there in case of emergency. (It's a "Pretty Girls" A&G style mini of Kate Upton topless!)

In case you were wondering, here's the checklist of all 25 custom rip cards: (with links to their posts when available.)

1. Night Owl - Cey
2. Tony Burbs - Santo
3. John Miller - John Elway
4. Bo Rosny - Jeter
5. Raz - Danica
6. Daniel Wilson - Goldy
7. Lost Collector - Tino
8. Jedi Jeff - Billy Pierce
9. Stealing Home - Jackie
10. Lonestar/Twitch - Fergie Jenkins
11. Corky - Junior (A)
12. [me!]
13. SCC - Junior (B)
14. Matthew Scott - Clemente
15. Tony L - Yount
16. Wes Moore - Willingham
17. Dimebox Nick - Hoyt Wilhelm
18. P-Town - Sandberg
19. Shoebox Shane - Xander
20. Mark Hoyle - Yaz
21. Arbitrary Brian - Kirby
22. Too Many Dennis - Whittaker/Trammell
23. $30 Robert - Joe Carter
24. Tim B - Mantle
25. Fuji - Gwynn

Apparently #11 got lost in the mail, unfortunately, but otherwise they're all accounted for and the recipients seemed to like them. These were a lot of fun to whip up, and I hope I can think up something else neat to do this coming December, though I suppose I've got plenty of time.

- - - ---o

Member back when I completed 1971 Topps, but there were still a couple known minor variations I wanted to track down? Well, I scored them recently..

It's the 6th Series checklist with the bit of black shading on the front of the helmet, and the Vicente Romo card without the two dashes over the back picture. So now I feel like my 1971 set is extra complete.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The rip cards were really cool and a great idea. I always look forward to what you come up with next

  2. Gavin the stickers were just sitting on my desk hoping to take a trip. I figured Portland was as good a place as any.

  3. I need that Romo for my Sox set and man, I need to pry open my wallet and just bite the bullet.

    It's the struggle of my brain getting 8 cards for $3 in a pack (and usually I don't need/want a single one) versus dropping $3 on a card and completing a set. I can be a real moron too often.

  4. So what magnet did you put inside of #12/25?