Monday, April 24, 2017

Setbuilding chugging along thanks to COMC

In my latest COMC order, I picked up needs for all 3 vintage sets I'm currently working on, plus the 2 modern parallel sets I'm trying to complete. I'd just search by lowest price, then check against my lists to see what I needed.

I wanted to add some color to my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset, grabbing a cheap blue refractor (#/99) and black refractor (#/100), neither of which were previously represented parallels in there. Also picked up a couple #/499 purple refractors. I was a little surprised to find Kevin Youkilis and Jose Bautista slumming it with the lowest-priced examples available, but was happy to grab them.
With this project, I'm at 494/1284, good for 38.47% complete.

And here are a couple cheap needs for the other parallel set I'm working on.
With 2004 Topps Chrome black refractors, I'm now at 130/487, good for 26.69% complete.

Picked up 5 cards for my young 1957 Topps setbuild. Everybody knows Wally Moon, in large part because of his fabulous unibrow, but he had a nice career too. Virgil Trucks was also pretty good, pitching a pair of no-hitters in his career. At $1.15, it was the most expensive card in this post. Only that and the Pete Whisenant were over a buck.
This lot helped me crack double-digits complete with the set, currently at 10.79% complete, with 45 of 417 cards down.

1964 Topps is kind of a back-burner project for me these days, with '65 and '57 interesting me more. But still looking to add cards when I can find good prices on them. Now at 40.92% complete, with 241 of 589 cards.

And finally, here's a decent lot of 1965 Topps. Not many well-known names here, just checking off a few of the commons I needed. Still might be on track to reach my soft goal of finishing the set by the end of the year, currently at 471/600, good for 78.5% complete, though I'm going to eventually have to start ponying up for some of the big names I'm missing.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please get in touch if you've got any cards I'm missing and would like to work out a trade.


  1. I love the 2011 Topps/Chrome design, especially the color refractors. Very cool idea for a frankenset. And those 57's are sharp!

  2. The Chrome black refractors are so nice. Love adding Pirate versions of those.